The first patch removed Denuvo on PC and will improve performance on consoles –

The first patch removed Denuvo on PC and will improve performance on consoles –

Warner Bros. plans. to improve the performance From Gotham Knights and the first correction The game is expected to accurately indicate this aspect, as far as consoles are concerned, as well as having Remove the security system Denuvo From the PC version, where it is already available.

According to the developers on Twitter, the team is working on a “major patch that improves overall performance and allows everyone to have the best possible experience.” This means, for console users, the main problem to be solved is Frame rate stabilitybut not only.

The first patch has already been released on PC, and among the various changes, it appears to have also removed Denuvo’s anti-tamper system, even if this has not been publicly reported by Warner Bros. In fact, various intrusions can be read in specific patch notes, but some testimonials also suggest removing Denuvo from the PC version, which will actually be part of this search for better performance, probably.

Among the modifications, in Correction notes We find debugging certain animations of enemies bent to “meditate” during crimes, debugging problems with the user interface and displaying some graphic settings, and problems with localization and keyboard input.

Also fixed an issue that did not allow you to start a multiplayer game by invitation of a friend and improved stability while removing some bugs. For the rest, we are waiting to find out more precisely about the characteristics of the update on the console.

We remember our review of Gotham Knights, a game that has also received numerous criticisms for its less than ideal performance despite the 30fps block, also evidenced by the highly mixed sounds from the international press.

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