“Use the atomic bomb?” It wouldn’t make sense »- Corriere.it

“Use the atomic bomb?”  It wouldn’t make sense »- Corriere.it
From Fabrizio Dragosi

The speech of the Russian president: “We defend our existence against the Nazis. The West is blind to its superiority.

He compares the West, especially the United States, to the Nazis and repeats his view of the world with Russia designated a victim He is always in the center of attention of his enemies, who even want to prevent him from staying. Talking about NATO expansionwhich he said would have provoked a special military operation in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin Long ago received guests cInside Valdai, a kind of Russian propaganda club Who gathered to listen to the chief’s great thought.

“he is west that It wants to limit the growth of other companies” and impose its own model on everyone in order to “extend the market for its products”.

The decision taken by many countries to cancel the cultural events involved Putin views Russia the same way he views Nazi actions When the books burned in the field. This, however, is just as his Parliament approved in first reading a law prohibiting any reference (“Propaganda”) is defined for LGBT activities Not only in communication directed to young people but also towards adults.

Putin explained to the conference participants, who were constantly filmed by Russian television while nodding in conviction, that Russia is not only a victim of the West, which, in fact, “wants to rule the whole world unilaterally.” It is the old Soviet vision that for many years led to the sympathetic treatment of the Soviet Union by many countries of the so-called Third World. Which, of course, Moscow secured significant economic aid. Today, Putin wants to present himself as the hero of “all others” who do not accept “submission to the unipolar system that the West envisioned after it declared itself the winner after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.”

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Referring even to Lenin (whom he often criticizes), the president said that The global situation is ‘virtually revolutionary’with all the countries that will break away from the hegemony of the United States and Europe in the next decade, will “abandon the use of the dollar” and thus prosper.

As usual, the verdict on the sanctions applied to Russia is contradictory. On the one hand it is referred to as A tool for that sovereignty exercised by the West over the world. On the other hand, Moscow seems to be getting out of this situation very well, with “the development of the industry and the ability for companies to replace products that no longer arrive” perfectly.

Then Putin ruled out the use of Nuclear weapons in UkraineWe do not need a nuclear attack in Ukraine. It has no meaning either politically or militarilyOn the other hand, the Russian doctrine provides for the use of weapons of mass destruction only in the face of the danger of the disintegration of the state structure itself.

Then he insisted on the theory of Kyiv’s possible investigation of a “dirty bomb”. He said he was pleased with the International Nuclear Agency About to send an examination to Ukraine. He vehemently rejected accusations against his own people that he had opened fire on the Zaporizhzhze power plant: “Are we crazy? Our troops are watching the factory! ».

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