Mercedes revealed spy photos of the upcoming new model: anticipation is skyrocketing

Mercedes revealed spy photos of the upcoming new model: anticipation is skyrocketing

The German company aims to rewrite the sector’s standards in terms of style and performance, and open the challenge to its competitors.

The world of sedans is perhaps the most mysterious on the market right now Crossovers are the cars people are looking forDue to its comfort and grandeur, which makes driving safer even if parking is uncomfortable. Moreover, these vehicles are equipped with powerful engines that allow you to move through traffic at fast speeds from a standstill also thanks to electric motors. In short, the sedan segment may be in trouble. But not for Mercedes Benz.

The new Mercedes-Benz sedan was photographed and enthusiasts were beside themselves with joy! (Canva) –

Manufacturers are working hard to always create new models in this segment, able to differentiate themselves: The choice remains wide and varied, especially for price ranges. In this particular segment, luxury or analog sedans, if you prefer, companies such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Alfa Romeo are fighting for supremacy in terms of sales.

In Europe, this record is very important, given the fierceness of the competition It is the most requested part By a certain type of customer, such as those who travel a lot for their work. The German company recently updated a historical model and the photographers did not fail to immortalize the car even if they theoretically did not have to.

The new model really shakes up the competition

there Mercedes-Benz CLA It can now be considered an all-round classic of the brand, since it has been on the market since 2013. The car, a sedan also available in a coupe version with a sporty setup, is a comfortable and elegant five-wheeler. The door reached its fourth generation in 2019 and the fifth in the extension of the house, as these spy photos show.

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A spy photo of the new CLA! But how beautiful it is…. (YouTube) –

The build structure for this model has been updated, creating a completely new CLA. In fact, this is the first model to use MMA, an anagram for the multi-module architecture, a platform also intended for SUVs and which the Stuttgart company calls “entry luxury.”

The sports model will also be based on MMA But it will change completely compared to its civilized sister. To begin with, it will be completely electric, perhaps equipped with two motors, one for each axle. The traction system must be integrated, ensuring maximum stability in all conditions.

The final debut must be made In a few monthsTechnicians perform final tests on snow-covered tracks in order to achieve the perfect setup. During one of these particular tests, some stolen-from-the-press shots emerged like the one you can spot above which still allow us to understand quite a bit about the aesthetics of the car or those in the video, thanks Self-development.

An innovative car about which not much is known, for its fans who want to drive it now! It will also be new for Charging modeit will be able to reach the maximum power of 800V so that it can be charged at high power and take a very short time before it can be used again.

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