Blind rage for a right of way: motorist in handcuffs

Blind rage for a right of way: motorist in handcuffs

Two minutes of hitting, punching out the window, kicking and pushing with frankly impressive violence. A series of hits in the face of the opponent even as the latter tried to get out of the car and ended up on the ground. All this in front of other stunned motorists (one of them also tried to shoot with his mobile, he found the mobile torn from his hand and then thrown to the ground) and also in front of a girl who was in the car with the attacker, visibly frightened, and could do nothing to stop the man’s anger.

Moments of pure violence in the name of the “Prince” category for what is known as “futile reasons” or rather a traffic dispute. The arrest, one night in the security room and a very direct trial (where a 33-year-old man from Milan asked Milan for the terms of the defence), ended in a dispute that took place at 5pm on Thursday in Via Asiago. It all seemed to be expected with a series of zigzags, impromptu braking, and a series of car-to-car insults as we often see them on the roads even in our county. It was the totally unexpected sequel, which was captured entirely by a nearby company’s security camera. The victim, a 54-year-old from Como, processed her prediction for 15 days.

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