How much will you earn at Christmas? science tells you

The time of the year it is awarded has officially started Surrender to the most outrageous sin of allThat larynx. Let’s face it, between Pandoro and Panettone, the traditional sweets of regional cuisine and international recipes, Who wants to resist all this??

Let us say frankly that those delights, for the palate and for the senses, take precedence over the frequent feeling of guilt every time we indulge ourselves. That meal is too much. Also because then between purifying herbal teas, days of detoxing, and resuming a fitness routine, we know we can run around looking for cover. And to do this, in the best possible way, science takes care of it.

In fact today, we don’t want to reveal to you how to get back into perfect physical shape after indulging during the Christmas holidays, we just want to We let you know what’s going to happen These days, with a lot to expect, you’ll find it on the scale at the end of vacation.

It was revealed bystate That after an investigation was carried out specifically by interrogation of Italian citizens. apparently, The thought of being overweight worries many of us: 32% of interviewees fear Christmas bouts, and 35% instead indulge in transgressions, not without guilt. On the other hand, the remaining 29% are already considering harm reduction strategies.

But when is this damage in numbers? According to Istat, during the Christmas holidays, almost all Italian citizens gain weight Three kilograms on holidays. Not much, don’t you think? Scientific Journal magazinesFounded by East American Studies Association, confirm the data.

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To these are added those from Cornell University It is not reassuring at all. In fact, experts have revealed that if it’s true that the peak hits at Christmas, we’re actually starting to gain weight by the end of October. The fault lies with the delicious Halloween candy. Apparently we don’t have an escape.

Let us not panic, this unwanted gift under the tree, or rather on our tables, can be discarded, with a little sacrifice and a lot of perseverance. According to experts, the secret lies in the discovery right balance In the period leading up to bouts of binge eating, and in the period immediately following it. It is best to avoid the most calorie and sugary foods.

In addition to Let’s not forget about physical exercise. According to experts, maintaining a daily fitness routine is a good habit that we must make for us even during the holidays. For the lazy or less trained, even a simple walk in the fresh air is good, after learning about all the benefits of walking unanimously.

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