Nurses warn of an explosion in measles cases in the summer and urge citizens to get vaccinated

Nurses warn of an explosion in measles cases in the summer and urge citizens to get vaccinated

The Association of Family and Community Nursing of Catalonia (AIFiCC) plans to create one Measles cases explode in summer. The nurses warned in a statement that cases of infection with this viral disease will increase “significantly” during the summer period, and for this reason they are… He calls on citizens to get vaccinated. “In the summer, many people go on vacation, and now we find that in other European countries there is a rise in infection cases,” AIFiCC Vaccine Group Coordinator Beppe Estani explained. “Measles has been reported in England since October 2023.” He pointed out that trips abroad, which are more common during the holiday season, will cause the infection to spread, and when these travelers return to their countries, “we will also find a significant increase in cases here.”

Salud announced on Friday that it is offering Citizens between the ages of 44 and 58 years that they have been vaccinated against measles in CAPs yetCases increase in Europe, which rose from 900 to 42,000. The Ministry focused its efforts on this age group because it is not possible to vaccinate them. Systematic measles vaccination began in 1981, and those born in 1965 or earlier are likely already immunized due to their exposure to the disease.

Measles, highly contagious at any age

From the nurses union they point out that measles “It spreads very easily, is highly contagious and can be contracted at any age.”. This is why health professionals and the Ministry of Health are calling for a campaign to encourage universal vaccination against measles. In this regard, they insist that anyone can contract the disease, regardless of their age, and add that the accompanying symptoms are “severe” and can lead to complications and even death.

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Vaccination effectiveness ‘clear’

Nurses warn that the most skeptical people will not have to suffer at all because of this vaccine. They stressed in the statement that “the effectiveness of vaccination against measles is clear.” According to the association’s data, when infected with this viral disease, between 7% and 9% of unvaccinated patients develop acute otitis media, while it is almost non-existent among vaccinated people. They also point out that 8% of those who have not been vaccinated suffer from diarrhea, and between 1% and 6% suffer from pneumonia. “With the vaccine, nothing,” they repeat.

Measles symptoms

The Catalonia Family and Community Nursing Association explains that, at first, measles symptoms are very similar to those of the common cold: patients have a runny nose, cough and low fever. From the third to the seventh day, it is common FeverWhich can reach temperatures of up to 41 degrees. However, the most obvious isRed rash Very special for the skin. These skin lesions last four to seven days on average and usually start on the face, although they can spread throughout the body. White spots may also appear on the gums and inside the cheeks.

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