Enea Survey on Shipping – Vaielettrico

Enea Survey on Shipping – Vaielettrico

Enea Survey on Charging: Yes Responds online In 5 minutes. The goal: better target charging station locations, especially in the city.

Enea survey about charging: where it is needed in the city

The investigation is being carried out in cooperation with Sugars And University of Salerno It is intended not only for those who already have an electric car, but also for those who are interested in purchasing it.
the reconnaissance, available until October 30, is aimed at all holders of any type of road driving license between the ages of 18 and 65. It is organized into two different categories ScenariosDepends on Battery charge status And the need for independence To travel the next day. For each of these scenarios, the responder must choose whether to refill on the same day or wait until the next day. If you choose to refill on the same day, the interviewee will be asked where you would choose to refill between two different alternatives in terms of Location, time and costs. As well as guaranteed autonomy for trips planned for the next day.

In 5 minutes you will contribute to the calibration of localization and management

The results will be used as input into the calibration of the individual behavior model. Which will be able to provide useful information to Localization and management Optimized charging stations in urban areas“, explains the initiative coordinator, Marie Pia Valentini, Enea researcher in the Sustainable Mobility Systems and Technologies Laboratory. “He adds that the participation of the largest possible number of people is essential for the success of the initiative. and make a useful contribution to research and moving towards Smart and increasingly green mobility“.The activity falls within scope Three-year plan 2022-2024 SubordinateENEA-MASE Program Agreement For electrical system research.

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