April 1, 2023

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The FBI in the Trump home, the US Attorney General breaks the silence of the White House: “I approved the operation, it is all ordinary: unjust attacks on agents”

For the first time since then Research by the FBI From the villa of the former president Donald Trump In Mar-a-Lago, Florida, Merrick Garlandthe Attorney General of the United States (the equivalent of our Secretary of Justice), has spoken publicly on the matter, explaining overall regularity Operations and announcements of federal agents to apply for them Persecution State Decree. Maybe trying to silence criticize the republicans, that supports the interpretation pole from U.S persecution act politically motivated towards him which in the case of his most ardent supporters quickly turned into threats, in some cases of murder, addressed to the agents involved in the raid, to the director of the agency Christopher Ray, Garland himself and the judge who signed the search warrant. ‚ÄúThere were agents and officials from the Ministry of Justice unjustly attacked. They are patriots who sacrifice themselves for the good of the country. “I am honored to be working with them,” the attorney general said during a press release. “search permission by a judge and approved in person. The memo was delivered to Donald Trump’s lawyer who was present (at Mar-a-Lago, so). “We did not issue any official statements prior to the inspection that the former president confirmed his right,” Garland added.

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