New law banning cars from making noise in the United States

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New York law against noise rather than air pollution. In the United States, acceleration races are a constant, think of the inspiration given to the birth of the Fast & Furious Saga. In In the states It is customary to challenge each other in the classics “Quarter mile” On both urban and suburban roads.

The higher the concentration of these Secret matches Seems to be the focus New York State, Pigeon Governor Kathy Hochul Just got approval LawSleep”, An abbreviation does not refer toβ€œ sleep ” Stop loud and excessive exhaust pollution, Of course we say yes Environmental pollution, But above all in this case Noise pollution.

Motorists who exceed the permissible decibel limit will be fined $ 1,000 (approximately 60 860). A rule that can ensure and protect many citizens, but in this a Defect, There is a risk of imposing fines only on those who establish the law Organization after the market But to whom it belongs Game Cars With a rhombus of several decibels.

So, let’s argue that in United States There will be a good but badly written law that can only punish Americans Tourists Who chooses to view it New York State By renting one Classic muscle car with V8 engine. This law is intended not only to attack the post-market but also to prevent anyone from selling, buying or installing substandard exhaust: “Every motor vehicle traveling on state highways must be equipped with an adequate exhaust silencer, must always be active and undergo routine maintenance to prevent excessive noise, and any silencer cannot be ignored with shut-off systems.”

There will be an example The organization is a good neighbor Of Ford Mustang It reduces the noise of the 5.0 V8 by using special valves. This system of law should always be in place to avoid penalties.

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Author: Angelo Petrucci

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