Trump in Washington for America First: ‘With Biden the United States is on its knees. Gop . will win

Trump in Washington for America First: ‘With Biden the United States is on its knees.  Gop . will win

The former president returns to Washington for the first time since the attack on Capitol Hill: “I can’t step down or the United States will become like the Soviet Union.” Then he repeats: “I won the election twice.”

Donald Trump returned to Washington for the First American Policy Institute conference. Pending the official candidacy for the 2024 election, which now seems only a matter of time, the former president sought to revive his ultra-conservative agenda 18 months after the attack on Capitol Hill and less than a week after his private hearing. Chamber committee who explained how he deliberately avoided interfering for hours to appease the rebellion. “We’ve made America great again, and now it’s on its knees,” Trump told his supporters present, who gave him a standing ovation and long applause for the “USA of America” ​​cry. He was humiliated in all international scenarios, and the American dream was torn apart,” he attacked again, and the former president recalled the key stages of his administration, stressing in particular “the absence of inflation, the control of immigration and international respect.”

With the Democrats, criminals had a smooth path

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“There is no higher priority than restoring law and order in the United States. With Democrats in office, criminals having their way, there has never been a time like this. Every day there are stabbings, rapes, assaults and parents fear their children will be killed at school,” the former tenant attacked To the White House, “There is no respect for law and no order,” the former president asserted by repeating the phrase “law and order” several times. “All of this must end and it must end now.”

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Trump: The United States should beg for energy from other countries


US Weekly News, Joe Biden on climate change: ‘Emergency’

Trump did not hesitate to talk about the economic crisis. He stressed that inflation has reached its highest level in the past 49 years and gasoline prices are on the rise. We have become a nation of beggars and crawling to demand energy from others. Then he said for the thousandth time that he is sure that the Republicans will achieve a “victory” in the next elections, stressing that “the Republicans will regain the White House in 2024.”

Attack on transgender people: ‘There are no men in sports for women’

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“We shouldn’t allow men to play in women’s sports. It’s crazy,” the former president explained, also noting that his staff advised him not to broach the issue because it was “too controversial.” Trump then joked that he would be “the greatest basketball coach in the world.” Trump then stated that he admires Michael Jordan and not “LeBron James,” the basketball champ he has clashed with in the past.

“We must close the borders and repatriate the migrants.”

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The billionaire has unleashed another classic series, attacking the immigration policies and “open borders” of the Biden administration. “We have to close the border” with Mexico and “bring them home,” the former president said at a conservative conference in Washington. “We have to keep the country safe from the thousands of dangerous criminals who enter every week,” he attacked again.

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Trump insists: I won the election twice

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The former president did not fail to claim that he won the 2019 election. “The first time I ran in 2016, I won, and the second time she did better,” the former president said. Then he added, “I can’t step aside, I can’t devote myself to a simpler life because I love my country. I’m not doing it for myself, I’m doing it because otherwise the United States will become another Soviet Union, another Cuba.”

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