A trip that ended badly: the extremely rare Italian supercar worth over €300,000 was destroyed

A trip that ended badly: the extremely rare Italian supercar worth over €300,000 was destroyed

It’s clearly not a car for everyone, and it was discovered at his expense by the person who drove it: a very rare car built in less than 1,000 units ended its race in the trees, and ended poorly.

It’s never nice when someone is driving off the road with their car. And if it happens with a supercar worth more than 300,000 euros very rarely, well …

(Abyss wallpaper)

black year

It hasn’t been a great year for supercar owners this year. If you have been following us for a while, you will notice that the news regarding accidents involving the most famous cars for drivers, supercars and luxury cars has increased. We had two of them in England a few months agoone in California with Lambo as the protagonist…and now this.

Unfortunately, the recent disastrous crash that reduced a popular – and very rare – supercar to a 1:1 scale assembly line happened here in Italy: yes, Even in the home of Ferrari Cavallino’s cars par excellence can come to a bad end. And, as usual, these are not good photos of the heart of a true home fan.

The accident that unfortunately occurred in these days had its heroine a rather rare car, which was produced in only 799 unique specimens by the house of Maranello, famous for the exclusive care of its specimens. Wonder if this unfortunate owner You will end up on the brand blacklist I saw what happened.

Went for fratte

The accident took place in Verona on an out-of-town road just outside the city: the dynamics are unclear but the pictures are: A very rare Ferrari F12TDF I got off the road and crashed into the vineyards on the edge of the road. It’s hard to fathom what went wrong as the Carabinieri arrived promptly and no statement yet.

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Perhaps it was the lack of a guard rail that cost the pilot dearly. Controlling an 800 horsepower car capable of running from 0 to 100 in just 2.9 seconds isn’t as simple as it seems in racing video games. The truth is that Results You can see it in the video we leave you attached with below.

Autoblog Stolen 09_08_2022 Quattromania
Photo stolen from the site of the tragedy (Autoblog)

The pilot appears to be fine. at the moment. Wait until the vehicle manufacturer delivers the bill: at €350,000 when new, the F12TDF is one of those cars you’ll want to keep. as far away as possible A hassle of not having to open a mortgage in repairs. At least, the engine was saved.

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