United States, tried to storm the offices of the FBI: stalker and murder – the last hour

United States, tried to storm the offices of the FBI: stalker and murder – the last hour

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, Aug. 11 – The man who tried to break into the FBI’s headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, was killed. After hours of stalking and negotiations to surrender himself to authorities safely, the police shot down Ricky Schaeffer. His attempt came on the heels of an attack by federal agents at Donald Trump’s home, which sparked a wave of criticism against the FBI among Republicans and the right.

According to rumors, Schaeffer will be a supporter of the former US president with links to extremist groups, including one of those who participated in the January 6 attack on Congress. In fact, the man was reportedly filmed in a video posted to Facebook at a pro-Trump rally in Washington the night before the attack on the Capitol.

The alarm went off at about 9 a.m., when Schaeffer, with a pistol and rifle, possibly an Ar-15, attempted to enter the FBI offices. The private agents intervened immediately. A few gunshots flew and then Shafer ran away, opening a chase that now continued. The man took refuge in rural areas outside the city, but the heavy police presence succeeded in stopping him. So hours of negotiations began to try to persuade him to surrender, but to no avail. In the end, Schiller was killed.

The reasons for his work were not known, and the police are investigating the matter. The fear is that this is an action linked to the FBI’s blitzkrieg at Trump’s home and the outrage that has arisen in right-wing circles, from which a call to action has been raised. (Dealing).

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