Sports trials are taking place for 11 clubs, including five from Serie A

Sports trials are taking place for 11 clubs, including five from Serie A

For Juventus, Napoli, Genoa, Empoli and Sampdoria, there is a risk of heavy fines. Parma and Pisa, the specter of punishment or exclusion

It’s Sports Trial Day capital gains In football: The National Federal Court of the Federation, headed by Carlo Seca, will have to give its opinion on the situation 11 clubs and 61 officials accused of alleged administrative offences. Among the companies involved in the case, five are first-class companies: it is Juventus, Sampdoria, Napoli, Genoa and Empoli. The others are Pro Vercelli, Parma, Pisa, Empoli, Chievo Verona, Novara and Pescara. All were referred by the Federal Prosecutor on their own responsibility, in accordance with Article 31 Paragraph 1 of the Sports Justice Act, to be calculated for In financial reporting, capital gains and player services rights excess values Those permitted by accounting principles to the extent that greatly affectFor some of the above companies, Concerning Federal Requirements for Issuance of a National Licensethus violating Article 31 Paragraph 2 of the Sports Justice Act.

The same clubs were referred by direct responsibility (Article 6, paragraph 1) for the actions and behaviors established by the senior managers with the authority to represent and objectively responsible (Article 6, paragraph 2) for the actions and behaviors established in place by the senior managers who did not have the powers of representation.

The trial will begin with the drafting of charges by a federal prosecutor, led by Giuseppe Chin, who developed an algorithm to determine what and to what extent capital gains could be considered fictitious. Parma and Pisa, Who, according to the indictment, overestimated the capital gains to obtain the license and register for the tournament Risking a heavy penalty (But the range of penalties also includes disqualification from the tournament)For other teams, maximum fines and discouragement are expected for the managers involved.

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In the case of capital gains, first session on Tuesday: Here are the cards in the hands of the NFL on Juventus and Napoli

After that, the floor passes to the defense of the respective clubs and managers. The trial will then resume on 14 and 15 May, again by videoconference. Much faster times are expected Compared to previous trials, after the new sports justice law came into effect: The device could arrive as early as Friday. In any case, the goal is to reach the definition of the second level of governance by mid-May, in any case before the end of the season. The ball is then passed to Coni’s collateral for any appeal.

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