From Miretti and Nicolussi to Kaio Jorge and McKennie

From Miretti and Nicolussi to Kaio Jorge and McKennie

The couple’s work continues to reduce the Juventus squad Guntoli Mana: An agreement is reached on the night between Friday and Saturday for passage Enzo Barnesia On dry loan to Frosinone, Who settled half the promise of black and white on the occasion of the blitz Guido Angeluzzi last wednesday time stadium To attend the friendly match between Juventus White and Juventus Black.

In this circumstance Ciociari’s market man remained favourable Impressed with skills cayo jorge, So much so that he immediately borrowed it Juventus. The obstacle to the white smoke is the salary that the Brazilian receives (1.2 million), which is outside the new promotion criteria. Translator: We need a significant contribution (at least 30% of the salary) from Juventus in the form of an incentive to leave to allow Frosinone to carry out the strike in attack. For Caio, there is also some interest from two Brazilian clubs, however Juventus He would have preferred to be tested in Italy rather than be repatriated on a temporary basis.

La Salernitana on Meriti and Gonzalez

Staying on topic for young people from South America: Uruguay Facundo Gonzalez Stay close Salernitana On loan, though, too Verona And Sampdoria They advanced in the last few hours. Bombs waiting for one in between mereti And Nicolosi Caviglia to the broker. In the beginning there is also Monza And Bologna And for this at home Juventus It is hours of careful contemplation of what would be the most appropriate. Among other things, their destinies intersected with fates Pogba That still does not provide guarantees of physical safety. The Arabian Sirens have died down and the octopus must stay where it is, though the cooling off periods remain a mystery.

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