Women’s volleyball, everyone lost in Lodz: the Italians, Mazzanti and Al-Ittihad

Women’s volleyball, everyone lost in Lodz: the Italians, Mazzanti and Al-Ittihad

The smiles, which characterized most of the summer journey of an Italy that was knocked out in the quarter-finals of the VNL, finished fourth in the European Championship on home soil, and did not qualify in an affordable group for the Paris Games, have (finally) disappeared from the faces of the players. Italians, From the technical staff, and perhaps also from the union members who supported all the choices that led to this complete failure. Because there wasn’t much to smile about even before.

Because with smiles They made people think they were having fun on the field, outside, on the bus, in the hotel, even if the “reels” and “stories” disappeared from social media, accused when a World Championship bronze looked like a disaster and disappeared with the result to lose everything they could. In volleyball, as in any other sport, Enjoy when you win Here everyone did their best to break a game that just needed a little fixing, with a little patience.

The first loser is Davide Mazzanti. He put his face to it, he wanted it He showed that you can win even without someone who drops 40 balls every game, and he didn’t have the courage to let two players play together who could guarantee 60 ground balls every game. And now those who had the courage to take this “extremely dangerous” step are celebrating Perhaps the Blue coach is still smiling because the instructions were to always smile, even when the world was crumbling against a team that was psychologically very weak, very short-lived, clearly structurally deficient and lacking proper international depth. To achieve the minimum goals, which would have been a podium finish at the European Championships and a qualification for the Olympic Games within reach.

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He was Received a mission reward, Blue Trainer, With two world medals, European gold and victory in the VNL but the situation was already clear a year ago. for him Choosing not to have a relationship with the players led to international counter-espionage actions and movements Objectively speaking, Mazzanti gave the impression in the most difficult moments of his unwillingness to change course. He was the only leader and those who loved him had to follow him. Without much discussion. Egonu’s management is a treatise on how not to manage an athlete of this caliber and can easily be used as an example in future coaching sessions. You can’t call up an absolute star and have him sit on the bench and then call him on when you realize he’s probably indispensable (which throws everyone on the team into disarray). And If you don’t contact her (apparently by choice but push came from all sides) you risk: Mazzanti took a risk and lost, exhausting all available rewards. Let’s be clear, Mazzanti is a top-level coach (what he did with Italy will go down in the books as one of our national team’s most prosperous periods) But for a year now, it has been there Wrong person in the wrong place, Supported by other wrong people in the wrong place: With these assumptions, things can only end badly.

They lost players because those who were there and those who were not there played a role in this massacre. Starting from those who appeared before the FIFA president a year ago to close the head of the coach, all the way to the last ones who could not win a match between the United States and Poland, who lost to the Netherlands in the final for third place. In the European Championships, which Turkey lost twice, first in the national football league and then in the semi-finals of the continental championship, setting Italy back six or seven decades in international values, when, since 2018, the Blue had been champions of the tournament. All levels. We have witnessed excellent exclusions, chats with widely vaunted dressing room groups, players who first withdrew and then declared themselves available for invitation, escaped without special explanations from the Italian withdrawal, and withdrawals due to injuries that were apparently not very serious. . A sample of events resulting from a dissociative environment Which left everyone, fans and professionals, speechless, almost in disbelief at what was happening in one of the strongest national teams in the world. “Unicum” which we hope will turn into a “one-off” From which everyone will emerge with broken bones.

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Broken bones from the orthopedic department even on the upper floors of the hospital Vipaf headquarters. When the results do not come, when you realize in the team that the locker room is in a state of boiling, when the expectations are not rosy in terms of relationships (and everyone knows it) in the world of sports, from football to hockey, and in relation to women’s volleyball, the reason is very simple. : Do we change the coach or do we change the players? A rhetorical question that doesn’t even need an answer. In Fipav the answer was wrong. Outside (or with marginal roles) players This highlighted widespread malaise in the environment. a result? The atmosphere was far from calm, and the inevitable arguments over selections incomprehensible to most undermined the 81 square meter space in which Italy played its most important matches. The mines have done their job, and those who contributed to its dissemination would do well, perhaps even unwillingly, to step aside until this is done. In this case, responsibilities are not limited to those who take to the field or sit on the bench.

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