“It's difficult to serve wine at the temperature I like.”

“It's difficult to serve wine at the temperature I like.”

What context needs to be provided to make you feel like having a glass of wine?

– It is important to be with people. I don't remember having a single drink alone when I got home, because I don't usually have wine at home to begin with. It's true that there are days when my partner and I feel like it and have wine with dinner, but in the 13 years we've been together I can only remember one day when we finished the bottle between us. We tend to order a drink that will last us throughout dinner.

What type of wine accompanies you at this moment?

– I don't know to what extent this is a general dynamic, but although I prefer red wine, I choose wine according to the season we are in. In the fall and winter I choose red wine; For example, I really like Mikel Roca's Brocade. On the other hand, in spring and summer, I usually order dry, cool white wines, such as Nounat de Binigrau.

Have you always preferred red wine?

– I remember that I started drinking wine since my last year at Nancy Tonyon's acting school when we would go out to lunch, and if I ordered wine I would order white wine, because I had not tasted red yet. Nancy would always say to me “You'll end up liking red wine better,” and I would always say “What the hell!” In the end he was right.

Let's imagine you have a wine list in front of you. What do you look at first: the name of the wine, the appellation of origin or the price?

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-There is an important factor, and I do not understand. So, I need to look for basics that I already know I love. I open a message, and if I don't have anyone to make another recommendation, I look: “Is there any Ribera del Duero?” I haven't tasted any Ribera del Duero that I didn't like. I'm not saying there isn't any, but since I order wines with some experience, I don't want to be let down.

What requirements must be met to drink a glass of wine in good condition?

– I think the most important thing is that in the case of eggs, it's cold. But lately I'm finding it difficult to serve it at the temperature I like, and it's a shame I have to ask for an ice cube to go with the wine; It is unfortunate, but the issue of temperature is vital. The other issue is the cup: I don't appreciate drinking wine by the cup and not by the glass.

What memory comes to mind when you think of a special time when wine was around?

– Fortunately, I think there are many. For example, a few weeks ago my friend Marta Piari published her first novel, Butterflies don't bite, We obviously celebrated with wine, and it was a very special toast. I also recently celebrated that I got cast in a series that I really wanted and it's directed by a very famous director that I really love. The toast we had when I heard the news was unforgettable, but now I can't say more hints about the project!

Do you think the world of interpretation is often associated with wine?

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— Not only with wine, with alcohol in general. But it is not entirely clear to me that this is a feature of this sector. I think at celebrations in general it's weird that there's no alcohol, it's very assumed. Wine is one of the elements, like many others, that is never in short supply. In fact, when you want to go through a season without drinking alcohol, which I did, and you go to a party, there's always a typical friend who says, “Come on, have a drink.” People need to feel accompanied in these types of rituals.

Do you think quitting drinking alcohol is now as difficult as it was before?

— More and more people are realizing that excessive wine is not healthy, but like anything else, this means that if someone decides not to drink alcohol, he is much more respected than before. The key is for us all to be connected enough to our bodies to know what our limits are.

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