Eva Grimaldi and Gabriel Jarco, finally the bitter truth: “No, but …”

Eva Grimaldi is a respected and respected Italian actressIn the past he had an affair with Gabriel Jarco, but what’s the hard truth they talk about between the two?

Eva Grimaldi e Gabriel Garko – Politician 24

Eva Grimaldi I just entered Big Brother Vape’s house, exactly on the Friday, December 17th episode. Although he had recently been in Italy’s most spying house, he was aware of the relationships established between other competitors, as he followed them from abroad. To Miriana Trevisan, for example, she said she thought she was with Biagio because they had always been together and fondled each other.

But what is the truth about her ex-husband?

Eva Grimaldi, what really happened with Gabriel Jarco

e An actress who has participated in many films from the late 80’s to today. He has collaborated, for example, with directors such as Mario Monicelli in Cari fottutissimi amici and with Neri Parenti in Paparazzi. However, she had an emotional and eventful story, which was connected with famous people in the world of entertainment, one of them was Gabriel Garco.

Eva Grimaldi and Gabriel Jarco were officially together from 1997 to 2001. At first, the actress said that their relationship ended because he had no children, but later it turned out that their love story was not really because it was built on the table.

The two then spoke publicly, in several magazine interviews and on television, about their relationship. Then he went out too and now, After that turbulent period, they both live in peace with a new love. It is now rumored that Garko’s new partner is General Manager Mattia Emme, while Jevenna has been married for some time to Imma Battaglia. But what exactly did she reveal about her ex-husband? What kind of relationship was there already between the two?

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The real relationships between Jevina and the ex

Some time ago on the pages of Che Eva Grimaldi this was admitted between them There was never any sex“But he needed it and protected him back then. Still today though The two are bound by a deep bond, Even if they are not back together. Then she added that she would marry him or have a child with him.

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Even Garko, Verissimo’s guest, confirmed the allegations of his colleague and ex-“girlfriend” who claimed that they were a married couple in all respects, but the only sex between them was missing. At that time they had loved and supported each other. He loved her very much, in his own way, and probably married her too. “She is a special woman“He is done.

Eva Grimaldi and Gabriel Jarco: Political history 24

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