The Iliad shuts down the network, many people are offline: There is a reason

The Iliad shuts down the network, many people are offline: There is a reason

The cost of electricity has nearly doubled in recent months, affecting both individuals and businesses. The Iliad, the largest French telephone service, has found a way to save costs and pollution.

Many telephone operators experienced serious problems due to the increase in electricity, some of them decided to “solve” the problem by imposing increased costs on users, however, Eliad found an alternative solution to overcome this period while leaving the tariff as it is.

The Iliad shuts down networks across France –

The Iliad shuts down the network to save money

The unrealistic costs of electricity have not only affected individuals or families, but also large businesses, especially mobile phone networks.

To remedy the problem, many operators decided to raise prices for all their customers, however, which led to many negative results given that users of the service then decided to change their operator, in search of a more suitable operator.

The Iliad has found a solution that can make everyone, the customers, the company, and the planet happy. To reduce costs while leaving tariffs as they are, Iliad decided to experiment with the nightly shutdown of the network across France.

Free Mobile, a subsidiary of Iliad Group, decided to close its networks from 00.00 to 06.00, leaving more than 46 thousand inactive cells. In fact, it was noted in those times that low traffic does not justify a high speed range and here was the idea of ​​putting 3G and 4G cells in the 2100MHz band and 5G cells in the band in standby mode. I started. 3.5GHz, 3G, and 4G cells in the 700MHz band have also been put on standby since mid-September.

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However, the cells in question are programmed to reactivate if high traffic is detected, but in the meantime, this procedure will save the company and individuals a lot of money, as well as avoid a lot of wasted energy, and protect the planet a little more.

Eliade turns off the cells
The Iliad shuts down the networks to save –

Measures to save electricity

Not only the Iliad, but many other companies are taking very serious measures on the issue of energy saving, for example, Alìper, a well-known chain of supermarkets located in northern Italy, decided to turn off all the lights when they were closed, leaving only the active devices that Allows proper food storage.

Moreover, in Austria, the government has introduced new regulations to combat price hikes, among which, in addition to heating regulations, as in Italy, there is also an obligation to turn off the lights in all public buildings, including the presidential building. Residence. At night in Austria only street lights remain active, to ensure the safety of all citizens.

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