The executioner stopped a few hours after the execution –

The executioner stopped a few hours after the execution –
from Giuseppe Sarsena, Washington reporter

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt suspended execution: 41-year-old African-American, convicted in 2002 of murder, will serve life in prison

Execution of the judgment It was scheduled to be 4pm yesterday, Thursday, November 18. But around noon the Republican governor of Oklahoma Kevin StittFate changed Julius Jones, 41, has been on death row since 2002. Here is State’s statement: After a careful review of the documentation, I have decided to soften Julius Jones’ sentence: He will serve a life sentence without the possibility of being placed on probation.

The news was met with The roar of the waiting crowd Outside the governor’s office in Oklahoma City. Julius, 41, was too Convicted when he was 22 for the murder of Paul Howell. The victim, 45, responded to an attempted theft of his car. He was standing at his parents’ home in suburban Edmond after shopping with his two daughters and sister. The killer shot him at close range. It was his sister who put the detectives on the trail of two African-American youths. Julius was studying at the university at the time. He was arrested with another black boy, Christopher Jordan. That was in the summer of 1999. The trial took place three years later. Jordan blamed the murder on his partner, claiming he was only driving the getaway car. However, he was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment. 15: of 2017 again a free citizen.

For years, Jones kept his transcript on death row. Civil rights organizations fought To suspend the sentence and to review the trial. More than 6.3 million people signed the petition In his favor on .. many celebrities have lined up with him, such as Kim kardashian. The actress began supporting her cause via Twitter (over 70 million followers) and then visited him in the Oklahoma City jail in November 2020. Ultimately, all this pressure convinced Governor State to stop the executioner.

In the United States there About 2,500 prisoners are on death row. About 40% of African Americans, compared to 15% of the total US population. 45 executions planned this year: 10 . completed.

According to reliable opinion polls, such as those conducted by the Pew Center in April 2021, 60% of Americans support the death penalty for someone who has committed murder. 64% believe it is a morally justified punishment. Although 63% added that it cannot be considered an effective deterrent and 78% fear judicial errors.

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