Instagram, U.S. States Survey explores the implications for young people

Instagram, U.S. States Survey explores the implications for young people

The Attorney General of several US states is in a two-party alliance Initiated the investigation To explore how Instagram – the meta-owned giant – attracts and affects children and young people. “Mark Zuckerberg and the companies he leads have made profits above security, but our investigation seeks to put an end to this behavior. Our alliance will not hesitate to take any action necessary to protect children and youth from the harm of Instagram and youth. Others do. Social media may be responsible for them,” the New York Attorney said. General, Lydia James.

What the investigation contains

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Negative effects of Instagram on youth: WSJ investigation

Among other things, the survey aims to explore the techniques used by Meta to increase the frequency and duration of engagement of young users and the resulting damage caused by long-term engagement. Today’s announcement comes following recent reports by meta’s internal research that Instagram use is linked to harmful risks to young people’s physical and mental health, including depression, eating disorders and suicide. Attorney General James has long condemned concerns about the negative impact of social media sites on young New York residents. In May, as part of a two-party alliance of 44 attorney generals, he urged Facebook to abandon plans to launch a version of Instagram for children under 13.

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