What is your postal coupon worth in 20 years? Here is the answer

What is your postal coupon worth in 20 years?  Here is the answer

About a second has passed since the first mail order was entered. They were very popular because they were seen as a way to save money. Even today, Italians love very much, along with the savings book. These coupons are guaranteed by the state and distributed by Poste Italiane. They can be on paper and can be found in an intangible form, or as simple accounting records.

To order a postal voucher, you just need to go to the post office, order it, as we said earlier on paper, but also digitally, you just have to have Checking account at BancoPosta or Postal Savings Book.

When subscribing, an amount of at least 50 euros must be paid, to which interest will then be added every year, depending on the desired formula and the investment period. In this case, the best thing is that you can ask for money whenever you want, without waiting years or paying fines. But let’s see what it’s worth now.

What is your postal coupon worth in 20 years? Here is the answer

There are different types of vouchers one can apply for. For example, the last one proposed was on July 7, 2022, ie Coupon in the 3-plus-year format which guarantees an annual return of 1%. Other types of bonds we can find are the 5×5 which lasts a good 25 years, and the 3×2, with a yield that grows over the years.

The postal coupon is among the most requested coupons especially in the South. Campania is the first Italian region in which 13 million brochures and vouchers have been activated. If we buy a voucher with an interest of 50 thousand euros. We have income 0.10% after 3 years, 0.20% after 6 years, 0.30% after 9 years and 0.50% to maturity. This means that after 12 years we will have the total figure available of €52,698.40 and it will increase even more after 20 years, in fact it can reach 3.5%. It sure is convenient, so that we have some cash aside when we need it.

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