The “worst restaurant in the world” in Italy. arguing

To what extent can a food and wine proposal for a starred restaurant be pushed to become an “extreme” aesthetic? The topic is not new and every time it is revived anew Controversy between those fascinated by gourmets and modern cuisineAnd lovers of chef inventions and For those who smell aesthetics Less quantity and quality at least questionable and would like to resort to a typical pub or restaurant with “last kitchen”. This time we went further, with global echo. To light the explosive fuse between tables Lychee brothers, run by those who are ridiculously defined i Ferragnez dell’haute مطبخ kitchen In our country, the American blog has been exaggerated Geraldine Derotier.

Star Chefs: Floriano Pellegrino and Isabella Botto (from Lecce’s Facebook profile)

How do you know how to talk about it

Exaggerated because it is typical of the narrative of the brothers, you selected “Worst Michelin starred restaurant ever” (Here is the full article) had the advantage of bringing the culinary critique blog back to the center of the global debate, which after it was knowledge before time Among the most influential in 2011In the following years he would have underestimated how much he could be impact. The fierce, pointed and ridiculous sibling has brought him back among the hottest trends on all social platforms. But why did she leave Deruyter and her friends horrified by the four hours of tasting food at Lychee’s? It is explained quickly.

Microscopic pasta plate pictured by the blogger (from her website)

A duel between instigators

Geraldine Deruyter Floriano Pellegrino and Isabella Botto, an overly provocative duo who are very good at getting people to talk about themselves and their kitchen, are accused of only making the big scene Ridiculous cycles in appearance and taste. Something should be “not with dinner” but maybe with “a night at the theater, sort of Improvisation theater….very very expensive“. From 27 cycles He did not like something, said the blogger while tasting with eight of his friends: “Perhaps the staff ran out of food that night. Perhaps they confused our table with ours for an ex-lover. Perhaps they were drunk. “and again:”Nothing came close to a real meal“Between” edible pieces of paper… cups of vinegar. Everything tastes like fish, even dishes without fish. Almost everything was served cold. Merciless: ‘Maybe this meal will be like Nicolas Cage’s career: you have to wait a long time but in the end there are also good things. but not. We kept waiting for someone to bring us something, anything! – It looked like dinner. Until the moment we realized he would never come.”

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The reviewer and her friends at the table question Lecce (photo from her blog)

Highlight the references horror, candy Let’s lemon With foam emerging from a bowl her mouth can be cut off from an inflatable doll and savored from mouth to mouth without cutlery. The image that multiplied on social media and made niche and non-specialized media tours. Payment is answered with push, Chef Floriano Pellegrino was not long in coming.

Long message to reply

It’s three pages long Pellegrino writing In response to DeRuitier’s fierce offer, containing provocative arguments and a series of questions, starting from the point of view of the self-conscious artist who claims the right to his excesses in the kitchen: “Painting a man on a horse is the same as what you do to eat. Many people are able to make good food. Your grandmothers knew how to do it. My wife does it very well. McDonald’s knows very well how to make a burger that everyone loves, and the pizzeria near you does their job perfectly. But wonderful paintings like this one (depicting a horse) bore me. Louvre and Prado and the museum is full of them. It’s cool but shallow. Contemporary artists seek new horizons each time instead. Exploring the unknownPellegrino says to the American blogger: If you can’t stand the provocation, step aside. With passages like these:The chef shouldn’t give you easy answers, but challenges you with interesting questions. Contemporary art is not simpleThen came the treacherous result: “We thank Signature XXX – I don’t remember his name – because he allowed us to get where we weren’t yet. for us Let’s lemon It has been completely sold out. “An arm wrestling between agitators, in one of the most delicate areas of all, the catering field. Where The confrontation of the ego and the right to criticize face to face.

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