Zelensky confirms the plan to renew Ukraine's military leadership

Zelensky confirms the plan to renew Ukraine's military leadership

After nearly two years of war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is already publicly considering reorganizing the top brass of his armed forces to change the dynamics of the campaign, with the widely popular Commander-in-Chief, Valery Zalony, in view. What started as a rumor and then became an open secret, was confirmed by the head of state himself the previous day in an interview with Italian public television in which he admitted that he was considering the possibility of replacing Zalwini. “I am thinking about this alternative,” he said in response to a direct question about the general’s fate.

In the interview, Zelensky stated that the changes in leadership will also affect the political sphere, in an attempt to revitalize the country's administration, both on the war front and in offices. “We are talking about the people who will lead Ukraine. There is no doubt that we need a reset, a new start,” Italian television said. “It is a serious issue that does not concern one person, but the direction of the country’s government.”

According to the digital newspaper Ukrinska Pravda, Zelensky is also considering dismissing the Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Sergei Zaptala, who turned 51 on Monday. “We will have a difficult time, but we will certainly never feel ashamed,” Zalwini wrote. “I feel happy that in this life and in this war, you were by my side, you are the person for whom Ukraine is above everything.” In arms comrade in his birthday greeting.

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