Ethereum is not a security

Ethereum is not a security

Ethereum is not a security. We don’t say that But a manager CFTCcaliber agency SEC Who deals with the management of derivatives and the commodities market in United State. Everything has been confirmed by the relevant committee Senate affiliate United States of Americawhich helps give this post even further credibility.

A war between two agencies will not end here, CFTC And SECWhich we were the first to tell you about, and which is the real issue of the fight Gary Gensler Leading, at least to small talk, A.J Investor protection. The cake is more interesting, at least in terms of government agencies’ policies, with Ethereum Which is quite — given that Bitcoins Excepted from this vitriol is the juicier plunder.

Interesting (and positive) also the fact that Rustin Benhampresident CFTCputting an end to the doubts that had developed shortly after the crack FTP extension Right Ethereum. We can invest in this cryptocurrency using FP MarketsHere you can find a free virtual account to test all functions – An intermediary that allows us to work on the best of them encryption of the market at no cost and with all the advanced trading tools.

Ethereum? It is a commodity. Even the CFTC says so

talking is Rustin Benhamwhich is responsible for CFTC Which have at least the same importance, credibility and significance as Gary Gensler to SEC. The CFTC deals with commodity derivatives and more generally with the management of what cannot be hedged SECwhich instead deals exclusively with protection / investment contracts.

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The stage was Senate Committee on Agriculture (which, yes, also deals with derivatives, for obvious reasons), in front of it Benham Confirm this from previous behaviors CFTC Ethereum It can only be considered as one commodity.

It has been listed on the CFTC exchanges for quite some time – which is why there is such a good track record. We would never have allowed Ethereum futures products to be listed on CFTC exchanges if we didn’t have a strong belief that Ethereum is a commodity.

Thus the discourse closes the discourse that has seen frequent changes of position and sometimes prompted by circumstances that have nothing to do with the true essence of Ethereum. In fact, last November Benham He said it was more than a possibility of even identification Ethereum a protection. However, it was the fear created by the rift that spoke FTP extension – And from the many meetings held by the Commodity Futures Trading Committee Sam Bankman Fried. Issue thereof, Anticipation, vi We talked yesterday too.

A war that will become increasingly bitter

Is he here? no but…

It is important to realize that it is not Gary Gensler Good or bad weather and not only who decides what it is. there CFTC Which clearly conflicts with interests SEC And they will continue to fight.

At stake is the right to rule – at least until the expected intervention of the US Congress – the second cryptocurrency by market cap. And as strange as it sounds to those of us who live on this side of the ocean, yes, the fight will be tough and there are probably no strings attached. With all due respect to this party from Bitcoins who hoped to judicially eliminate Ethereum from trading.

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