Espot meets with the Ibero-American Secretary General before the First Andorra Digital Forum

Espot meets with the Ibero-American Secretary General before the First Andorra Digital Forum

The emirate’s government conveys its commitment to cooperate with SEGIB

Andorra la Vella (Andorra) June 20 (Europa Press) –

Andorra’s Prime Minister, Xavier Espot, met on Thursday with the Ibero-American Secretary General, Andres Allamand, as part of Friday’s celebration of the first Andorra Digital Forum.

The working meeting between the representatives made it possible to discuss issues of common interest, as well as to reaffirm the commitment of the Government of Andorra to cooperate with the Ibero-American Secretariat (SEGIB), the Executive said in a statement.

As a result of this participation, Espot is pleased that Andorra is hosting the first digital forum in the Ibero-American space, noting that the meeting was born with a “desire for continuity” and that the principality could host it in the coming years.

The Prime Minister also expressed his interest in progressing preparations for the 29th Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government, which will be hosted by the city of Cuenca (Ecuador) next November.

Espot conveyed to Al-Allamand his “firm commitment” to this meeting in order to strengthen cooperation relations with countries in the region.

The Secretary-General also held a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Emma Torre, where he deepened areas of cooperation with SEGIB on the basis of the external action priorities of the Government of Andorra: education, gender equality, vulnerable people, multilingualism, among others.

Allamand also met with the Secretary General (Speaker of Parliament), Carles Encinat, members of the legislative committees on economics and foreign policy, and representatives of the Employers’ Union of Andorran Businessmen.

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Finally, the Secretary General visited the University of Andorra, where he met with the University’s President, Julie Minovs, and received an excellent explanation of the history of Andorra from Dr. Cristina Yanez.


On Friday, Andorra will host the Andorra Forum entitled “Public-private partnerships for digital transformation”, which will bring together nearly fifty participants from public administration, private companies and multilateral development banking, as well as remote assistants.

This meeting comes as a result of the emirate’s desire to continue betting on innovation and sustainable development, as well as in the wake of the commitment adopted during the Ibero-American Summit hosted by Andorra in 2021.

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