Vytrus plans to triple its sales by 2027 by integrating new technologies

Vytrus plans to triple its sales by 2027 by integrating new technologies

Terrace Company Male biotechnologySpecialized in active ingredients derived from plant stem cells for the cosmetic industry Triple its sales over the next four yearsarrive to 12 million Euro, i By four EBITDA Or operating profit of up to 5 million euro.

Biotechnology has just announced itself Strategic plan for this period 2024-2027, Which is based on two basic pillars. On the one hand, Vytrus wants to turn itself into a corporation Multi-technological In the field of cosmetic active ingredients. On the other hand, it is expected Expanding and enhancing its business activityCreating long-term relationships with customers and bringing the company's innovations closer to the market.

Hence, in order to accelerate its growth and reach more customers, the company intends to do soIntegrating new technologies complementary to plant stem cells with their application in the cosmetics sector. The company explains that the team has been working on developing some of these technologies internally for years, without specifying what they are, and that in parallel, it is maintaining Conducting discussions with third parties to reach licensing and investment agreements Which allows the company to integrate its products into its portfolio based on innovative technologies that already exist in the cosmetics market.

In the strategic plan document 2024-2027 that was published, the biotechnology company explained that in the coming years it intends to sign strategic cooperation agreements with other companies that will allow it to increase its catalog and that these agreements will have a technological and commercial focus impact, complementing the work of the research, development and innovation team (R + D+I). “Vytrus is in discussions with several companies, with the goal of closing the first agreements as early as 2024,” the document states.

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A combination of organic and inorganic growth

In this sense, the company expects during the next four years a A combination of organic and inorganic growth. By 2027, Vitrus estimates that 60% Its income will come from its existing plant stem cell business 40% The rest will be provided by new technologies integrated and acquisitions made.

In fact, the company explains that, together with its consultants, it is examining “target” companies that can offer high added value to enhance the company’s competitive position in its key markets. They point out that Vytrus' inorganic growth strategy will focus on companies that offer society a combination of higher turnover in the dermocosmetics sector and access to technologies complementary to those of plant stem cells.

Albert Janeco-founder and COO of Vytrus, which has been listed on BME Growth since March 2022, comments: “Since 2020 we have built a self-sustaining business model and will allocate capital market funding to expansion and inorganic growth over the next four years.”

In the period 2024-2027, the company from Terrasse pledges to maintain its commitment to innovation and appreciation Allocate at least one million euros annually for research+development+innovation“, “The biotechnology scientific team takes on the challenge of becoming an innovation hub where all the group's technologies converge.”

On the business side, Vitrus expects so Europe It remains its main stronghold, although it expects higher growth rates in its markets United State I asia pacific, Especially in India I South KoreaThe company has achieved a good position in recent years.

“The synergies generated by acquisitions associated with inorganic growth represent an important opportunity to expand Vytrus' operating divisions. Vytrus will have the ability to optimize supply structures, manage logistics more efficiently, as well as own more manufacturing centres, to the benefit of its customers,” they assert.

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A unified international presence

In 2020-2023, the company has already tripled its sales and more than six times its EBITDA. 2019 was the last year of losses and it has accumulated more than 1.7 million euros in net profits since 2020, they stated in the document. In the first half of 2023, they recorded a decrease in sales by 4% compared to the same period of the previous year, but the third quarter closed with an increase of 14%. The estimated results for 2023 are therefore revenues of 3.7 million euros and EBITDA of 1.3 million.

In these four years, the company has strengthened its international presence, increasing by more than 50% the territories in which it has customers, reaching 34 countries From the five continents. The company has doubled its team, currently made up of around 40 professionals, at its facility in Terrassa, and expanded to 1,400 square metres, tripling its production capacity “to meet expansion in the coming years”.

In the period 2020-2023, Vtytrus added five new products to its portfolio of active ingredients for the dermocosmetic industry. The company believes that the goal of acquiring multiple innovative biotechnology-based technologies and expanding the commercial network will allow it to enhance growth by reaching more customers and be more attractive as a partner in innovation and sustainability, have greater commercial traction with customers and distributors, and increase Cross-selling opportunities.

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