Dried fruit fights diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases

Dried fruit fights diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases

the Dried fruit It is part of a healthy diet. They got this name because their composition contains less than 50% water. It has already been proven that they contain foods Multiple benefits for us health: rich in Proteins, Fiber I Metals Which is essential for the body. In addition, it is an ideal snack, because although it is a high-calorie product, Moderate portions It is one of the foods that avoid snacking between hours.

From many studies, “scientific evidence suggests what to eat, but it does not prove it.” 42.5 grams per day Most dried fruits, e.g PistachioAs part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, it can And reduce risks to Heart diseaseThis statement has been confirmedUS Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its abbreviation in English).

In fact, study Spanish Head start He evaluated the effect of dried fruits on people's health and how they affect the risk of cardiovascular disease.

“Protects cells from oxidative damage”

Pistachios are one of the nuts with high healthy nutritional value Low fat contentAnd great content Potassium. She is also one Making vitaminsspecifically C and E, and rich in phytochemicals such as Tocopherol, Carotenoids I Phenolic compounds. This is according to research published in the prestigious journal Nutrients“Pistachios are a powerful food to explore for their involvement in the prevention of prevalent diseases.”

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The Spanish Nutrition Foundation explains that “pistachios are a caloric food, as we previously mentioned,” but they “contain a high percentage of unsaturated fats, especially monounsaturated fats,” and they are also “a source of calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus.” And iron.” It is rich in vitamins, such as thiamine, vitamin E, and folate.

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Control body weight

Most people believe that nuts, such as pistachios, cause obesity due to their high fat content. But this is not the case, as there are many epidemiological studies that have proven the opposite, as highlighted by the research published in Nutrients.

Its consumption is not associated with weight gain or an increased risk of obesity. “Both groups lost weight, but the group that received the pistachio supplements showed a greater reduction in BMI than the group that received the pistachio supplements. Biscuits“, confirms the specialists.

Why are pistachios necessary to fight diabetes?

study Human Nutrition Unit of Rovira i Virgili University of TarragonaDiscover that pistachios play an essential role in combating… DiabetesBecause it improves insulin resistance. Research led Dr. Monica PoloIt was performed on 50 people with diabetes, aged 25 to 65, for nine months.

“It has been shown that its consumption decreases and increases Blood glucose levelsWhich occurs after eating it, which could be one of the mechanisms through which regular consumption of pistachios can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes can be prevented and its onset delayed by following a healthy diet and exercising.

Blood pressure switch

Regular consumption of pistachios reduces Arterial pressure. As the specialists at the Spanish Heart Foundation explain, “When blood pressure rises, the arteries harden, causing atherosclerosis. In turn, this disease can lead to serious complications such as a heart attack or cerebral blood clot, among other cardiovascular events.

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In a clinical trial conducted on 28 people, over a period of four weeks in which they followed a low-fat diet with 10% of calories from pistachios (in another group, this percentage increased to 20%), it was found that pistachios significantly reduce systolic blood pressure. pressure. But in addition, experts believe that its benefits do not depend on the dose, although it is recommended that pistachios represent at least 10% of the diet for these patients.

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