Greater performance and efficiency

Greater performance and efficiency

The new version faithfully follows the Polestar brand goals: increasing range and performance, while reducing CO2 emissions

Update waiting and arrived, at home Pole Starregarding Polestar 2 Model 24. An upgrade that will affect various aspects of what is, until now, the basic model of the brand’s range.

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pole star 2 In its 2024 model year, it stands out above all for growth in terms of autonomy, but also for efficiency and performance. But on the other hand the line he took Pole Star Clear: to constantly advance the performance of its cars, and at the same time significantly save CO2 emissions.

Polestar 2: Emissions and charge times are decreasing

Since the beginning of the first deliveries of pole star 2As of 2020, the carbon footprint used from production to distribution has been steadily decreasing, of the order of a Total CO2 savings of 12%. The equivalent of 3 tons in just 3 years.

Polestar 2 model year 2024 It can travel up to 22% farther than the previous model, but at the same time consume up to 9% less energy. In addition, I also decrease recharge times With a good 34%, thanks in this case to the introduction of hardware updates that include, above all, the use of larger batteries and the latest generation of motors.

“We absolutely love the Polestar 2 – it’s a stylish car that’s fun to drive. Our engineers have worked hard to incorporate important updates that really improve the sector as a whole, and make it even better. We’re proud to be able to do this without increasing our carbon footprint, but rather reducing it.” This is how Polester’s CEO commented on the 2024 model year, Thomas Engnellat.

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Polestar 2 MY 2024: up to 654 km of autonomy

Digging deeper into the details of the numbers, Polestar 2 MY 2024 Can reach independence up to 654 km, Plus recharge times of up to 205 kW DC for versions One long-range engine Equipped with an 82 kWh battery.

Polestar MY 2024

Long-range twin-engine variants are also available, with a range of up to 591 km, e.g standard range single drive, In this case it can reach 532 km.

Single-engine models have rear-wheel drive, and twin-engine models have rear-biased. Polestar 2 MY 2024 is a very fun and dynamic car to drive.

It is said at the beginning of the continuous reduction of carbon in the production phase, as well as the saving of carbon dioxide2 3 tons in 3 years, which is actually the result of some measures such as the low-carbon aluminum found in the wheels and in the battery compartment, as well as the shift to renewable electricity in the factory.

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