No games in the second half of December 2022, Microsoft confirms –

No games in the second half of December 2022, Microsoft confirms –

CATALOGUE PC and Xbox Game Pass We will not welcome new games in Second half of December 2022. Confirmation comes from Megan Spurr, aka “Melissa McGamepass,” the community social marketer for the Microsoft service, who explained that there will be no more new entries for the service for the rest of the year, giving subscribers a date of 2023.

“Unfortunately, no more Game Pass announcements this year. We’ll be back with more in January,” Spurr wrote on Discord, as reported by Idle Sloth on Twitter.

Given that today is December 23rd and there hasn’t been a classic announcement on the official Xbox website yet, we suspected it a bit, but now a practically official confirmation has arrived. However, it remains a pity that some of the significant additions to the Christmas celebration would have been more appreciated by subscribers at the end of the year.

In fact, 2022 for PC and Xbox Game Pass was a decidedly positive year even without the appeals of great exclusives from Xbox Studios, without detracting from Pentiment. For example, just in the past few months we’ve seen entry in the Scorn catalog, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Persona 5 Royal, Return to Monkey Island, and High on Life. The latter even became the service’s biggest launch in 2022 for a third-party game.

All that remains is to wait for the new year to discover the next games that will arrive on PC and Xbox Game Pass, in the meantime we can take advantage of the opportunity to restore the backlog.

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