Defrost the freezer without stress, Benedetta Rossi does it like this: Chef's tip

Defrost the freezer without stress, Benedetta Rossi does it like this: Chef's tip

Defrosting the freezer will no longer be a problem. Here's the method recommended by the beloved Italian chef.

Defrost freezer It's not one of the most fun things you can do, however This must be done regularly, Otherwise it risks not working well. In fact, we need to defrost it because we are constantly opening and closing the door. This is why frost forms! The thicker the frost that forms, the less efficient the freezer is Because to keep the internal temperature constant it will consume more electricity.

Defrosting: here are the tips from Benedetta Rossi

Obviously, before defrosting the freezer, you must remove all the food or else it will be thrown out. Also remember to consume it and do not put it back in the refrigerator. But how can it be dissolved? Help yourself Secrets Revealed by Italy's most popular chef: Benedetta Parodi.

Defrosting: here are Benedetta Rossi's tips

After making sure that all the food inside has been removed, we can begin this process. Benedetta offers more than one on her blog. But let's see in detail.

Defrost freezer? Don't worry, Benedetta Rossi reveals her secrets

a The first method To defrost quickly, is to use Hot water utensils. We start by placing hot water containers inside. Depending on the size of your freezer, it will take about 15-20 minutes for it to start defrosting. Remember to place some rags under the freezer to absorb any water drops that may fall. Once thawed, wash it and let it dry.

The second method is to use a Anti-icing plastic spoon To separate it from the walls. It's almost the same spoon used to scrape snow out of car windows! To use it we need to be careful, because if we are not careful we risk damaging the freezer. You want to start at the outside edges without applying too much pressure, trying to make the ice explode as you go.

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However, if there is not a lot of frost on the walls of the freezer, you can use a quick and easy method a A cloth dampened in hot water. Even more than one, in fact! Simply soak the cloth in hot water, wring it out gently, then wipe it over the snow deposits, or leave it there for a while until the frost melts.

Finally, here's a way to avoid defrosting your freezer. You should buy one that contains a certain technology called… “No frost”. This technology contains an air circulation system that transports moisture out of the freezer, collecting it in a special container called an evaporative collector. This avoids the formation of frost.

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