The end of the world between Queen Sofia and Letizia in Windsor

The end of the world between Queen Sofia and Letizia in Windsor

It also sends English punctuality, this Tuesday, February 27, Royal House Spanish faces were seen again at the tribute mass Constantine Greece A year after his death. Queen Sophia's brother lived in London for several years after being exiled in Athens. It became his second home. next to, The Greek family and the Bourbons They have always had an excellent relationship with the British Crown. For this reason, Al-Fakhri was angry when none of the members did Family of Charles III He did not attend his brother's funeral. A noticeable absence that they tried to fix with this tribute that was prepared weeks ago.

The first pictures begin to arrive confirming all the rumours, and the Royal House reunites with the Bourbons despite Letizia's disapproval. The Kings are back in action this Tuesday February 27 in London And met with the rest. However, Felipe arrived first without his wife. The king met his father and they melted in a warm embrace. An image that Leonor and Sofía's mother might have tried to avoid. Once again, she was the heroine of the event by stealing all the covers with her determination and noticeable absence a few minutes after the ceremony began. Letizia arrived smiling but angered Al-Fakhri again. A gesture that Queen Sofia will not forgive.

Funeral of Queen Sofia, Felipe and Letizia Constantine

Letizia is the last to arrive at the mass in honor of Constantino and angers Queen Sofia

Leticia sat next to her Juan Carlos and Felipe. However, Queen Sophia separated herself from them all because she was placed in the front row with her immediate relatives, such as Irene of Greece. The sisters presided over this work in which they bid farewell forever to Constantino, their beloved brother.

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So far, neither Queen Sofia nor Letizia have shared a single word, they have once again made clear the bad relationship that exists between the two. They always hinted that there was some competition to be the best queen.

At the funeral of Constantine, King of Greece, Letizia was holding the arm of Queen Sofia, and even in other photos, Felipe was accompanied by both of them, talking and smiling. However, these photos were agreed upon with the press to end the rumors, and as soon as the target disappeared, the two queens moved away themselves. As it is now, where friendliness and complicity shine through its absence. Leticia was completely alone. Since the smear campaign started, no one wants to know anything about it.


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