Lifting sanctions against Western companies

Lifting sanctions against Western companies

“The first steps are being taken. The United States, a week or less ago, took an important step by giving it


to American chevron, to Italian

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And to the Spanish Repsol, to start operations that

They will make it possible to produce oil and gas in Venezuela for export to their natural markets

Maduro said during a television broadcast. Eni has not commented on the news at this time.

“These are small but important steps,” Maduro said, noting that the Caribbean country has the world’s largest certified oil reserves.

The crude oil the world needs to run is here in Venezuela

“We have the legal framework for accepting investments,” he added.

Caracas has been in a very difficult situation for years

Venezuela, which has been mired in a serious economic, political and social crisis for years, caused a civil war in 2019, with half of the population opposing Nicolas Maduro. The US embargo on Caracas exacerbated the stagnation and exacerbated the conflict. Now, the Russian-Ukrainian war removes the situation: in fact, the Biden administration has announced that it will ease economic sanctions against the Venezuelan Maduro regime in favor of negotiations between the government and the opposition, believing that they will continue. In this sense at the “request” of Juan Guaido, the leader of the opposition, the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela.

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