The dress worn by Elari Blasey at Celebrity Island May 23: designer, brand, and price

The dress worn by Elari Blasey at Celebrity Island May 23: designer, brand, and price

Tonight, Monday 23 May 2022, A nineteenth The bet Celebrity Island. As always, an episode full of ups and downs and strong emotions is to be expected. Among the many Curiosity The Italian public is definitely there to find out what it will happen Live, but also on what you will wear Lovely hostess for the occasion. Let’s get to know more details.

Celebrity Island will be shown tonight, Monday, May 23, 2022

There will be a new one tonight bet From the hardest reality of all, Celebrity Island. there will be Ads Regarding the schedule. In fact, the double weekly date (Monday and Friday) has already been confirmed this week. In addition, contestants will be reminded that the program will continue for one more Month The final will be held on June 27.

As happened with Big Brother, production will allow them to Choose Whether to continue the competition or return to Italy. We’ll find out these details live tonight. Another point that will be addressed will be nomination. Tonight in danger of elimination, there are newcomers Luca Davre and Gennaro Olito, as well as two veterans: Estefania Bernal and Roger Baldino.

Most likely, the host will also open a file Flash TV In Playa Sgamada where we find Mercedesz Henger, Licia Nunez and Blind. Nicholas Vaporidis is now the tyrant of the nominations, but this time he escaped. Now let’s move on to another viewer’s curiosity, which is what you will wear Elari Blasey for this new appointment.

What will Elari Blasi wear in episode nineteen of L’Isola dei Famosi?

Ilary Blasi is very active on social media, but he doesn’t like to reveal research which will appear in the episode. For this reason, we have not been able to find out what he chose for this evening, May 23, 2022. In order not to disappoint our readers, we decided, however, to review what he has worn out On last Friday’s episode, in order to get an idea.

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On Friday’s episode, Blasey entered the studio with a suits Made of colorful satin Celestial. This is a comfortable, branded model Patricia Baby. there skirt It’s long up to the knees and sleeves Long. A unique costume that highlighted the beauty and perfection of the host’s physique. To close, choose two sandals from Lou Sila, whose Model era Aphrodite.

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It’s made in satin Blue hydrangea, to match the dress, and openwork at the hem. Finally they are covered with micro crystals To add an extra touch of light. On the website of the brand A 780 euros. On the May 23 episode, she chose a very special and much appreciated outfit.

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