ETA Airways, Lufthansa confirm offer with Master. Trouble looms due to ‘dealing’ with Fiumicino, where a thousand risk the place

ETA Airways, Lufthansa confirm offer with Master.  Trouble looms due to ‘dealing’ with Fiumicino, where a thousand risk the place

Lufthansa confirms that it has submitted a binding offer to acquire a majority stake in ETA Airlines with Msc Marine Group for the Aponte Family. This was reported by the German news agency dpa. By midnight today, the bidding deadline for the company that is 100% controlled by the Treasury is ending. There are also potential interested parties Air France With Certares Fund. Instead, the Indigo chest seems to be slipping away That already controls WizzAir. The data room, the virtual room with all the company’s confidential documents, accounts, and data, closed on the 18th today. However, offers could be subject to a series of conditions, starting with a new capital increase to be paid by the Treasury, that would leave some wiggle room for applicants.

while Swissport, The company that won the tender invited by Alitalia in exceptional management for the sale of Fiumicino handling (ground services, so), it is ready for detection only 1,451 people, by saying that thousand less compared with the current. The total employment dimension in the Fiumicino process is 2,451 as of January 10, 2022. The CEO of Aeroporti di Roma has expressed himself on the matter, Marco Troncone According to Lufthansa, it will be the “perfect” partner for Eta, and will allow Fiumicino to grow even more.

Once the offers are received, Mef, the sole shareholder of the new company, will make its own assessments to “select the ideal partner for the company” but will also choose the proposal that is most correct for the country “in general terms and not just finance as explained by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniel Francoand pointing out that “the point is to have an existing company, that’s part of a larger group that guarantees connections and flights with the rest of the world.” The government aims to close the sale of ETA by the end of June, but initially Mef will remain in the company with a minority stake that can then be sold at a later stage.

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