Sonia Bruganelli, the cat and the mirror worth 165,000 euros

A woman with personality, who has more than one famous husband and a career of her own. A refined lifestyle, with some ostentation, envy and criticism: you’ll understand what we’re talking about Sonia Bruganelli. The innumerable hidden provocation of Mrs. Bonolis still comes from social networks. A photo depicting her cat, but in fact it reveals much more: a unique object. A mirror hidden in a signed box Louis VuittonIt has to be said, fancy for the wealthy.

luxury trunk

Mirror Trunk Louis Vuitton Malle Coiffeuse
– “Malle Coiffeuse” Louis Vuitton (165 thousand euros)

He writes “My favorite cat #boss #redcat #laclassenonèacqua” Sonia Bruganelli Commenting on a photo of her cat comfortably seated in what looks like a classic makeup mirror. Not just anyone: it’s lavish Mali Koavos, may be the real subject of his picture. the trunk Louis Vuitton Inside it hides the compartments intended for beauty. Chest of drawers iconic letters, three mirrors, folding chair, natural cowhide details, drawers of different capacities, wood and perspex, dresser Nice Peugeot (which alone costs over a thousand euros) Included. A “whim” worth 165 thousand euros: a personal purchase or a gift of value Paulo Bonolis?

Luxurious cats and… GFVip

Sonia Bruganelli The Cat Boss
Leader, Bonolis’ house cat

Enjoys being teased Sonia Bruganelli. He knows most of the followers were focused on the cat President: The love of cats has always been his backbone, as well as the topic of attracting clicks on social media. Someone has already noticed the mirror and recognized the brand, accusing it for the thousandth time of being showy. Everyone is free to do whatever they want with their money: this is how it is Sonia Bruganelli He has always emphasized that he can have a large income of his own.
For years the author of TV shows (including her husband’s shows), with big brother vip Bruganelli gets a lot of attention, making herself known to the general public not only as a “wife”. His interventions in transportation are always clever and appropriate, his alleged “rivalry” with her Adriana Volpi Adding interest to the dynamics in the studio, every look she wears is original and thoughtful.

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Clothes at Gf Vip

GFVip Sonia Bruganelli 19 Ring Dress BQV Casadei Shoes
BQV Beatrice Bevilacqua dress and Casadei shoes

a Brand new bangs He first appeared on social media, then landed on a chair GFFip. As for clothes, if it is in his daily life Sonia Bruganelli He has never hidden his passion for the hottest brands (Chanel And the Louis Vuitton First of all), to participate in the main program of Canale 5, he wanted to promote small Italian craftsmen. She chose emerging designers who created a wardrobe tailored for her. at the foot cassady codeeach time in a different color or style … and the appearance of GFFip Done!

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price 165000.00 EUR

Louis Vuitton

cosmetic bag

price 1200.00 EUR

Louis Vuitton

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