Chaos is still in the throne

Chaos is still in the throne

predecessor The one that the Instagram page gave us is very tempting Classic men and women or more! Let’s go see what happened in the recording this afternoon men and women!

On the throne:

The story continues between Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza. Discussion between Ida and Roberta de Padua. Roberta intervened between the two. They show a video of Roberta and Riccardo Guarnieri talking about Alessandro and Ida behind the scenes. When Riccardo enters the studio to tell us he’s overheard with Gloria Nicoletti, “ruin” occurs. Armando Incarnato also intervenes against Alessandro to tell him that he has no reactions. Ricardo and Ida fight hard and Alessandro says he wants to see Eda from now on how she behaves with Ricardo. Roberta tells Alessandro that he is blind and does not see that there is still feeling between Ida and Ricardo.

Also according to Gloria Ricciardo, his heart is committed to Ida. Pinocia graduated with Agostino but they decided to remain just friends, while Michela did not go with Michela because Alessandro says she “feels very much like a princess”.

Gemma Galgani graduates with a new gentleman but is eliminated by the lady, and a discussion ensues between them, Tina Cibulari and Gianni Sperti.

Classic throne:

As for the classic throne, only Federico N was talked about: illustrating in the dressing room with Carola, Federico is so tough and cold in the studio, that Carola bursts into tears. She wants to leave the program, but he then convinces her to stay. They argue a lot but in the end they dance so tight!

Until today recordings men and women They gave us progress with all the trimmings! We just have to wait for the episode!

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