The Dalai Lama and the child’s request to “suck his tongue”: why it is impossible to make a “final judgment” on his gesture

The Dalai Lama and the child’s request to “suck his tongue”: why it is impossible to make a “final judgment” on his gesture

An old man no longer in himself, forgiving, or even a pedophile. affiliate The Dalai Lama It has been said for years in all colors. On the other hand, who is known for his cheerful personality, Tenzin jutsu He did not on several occasions fail to commit some of them carelessness: In 2019, the man, who turns 88 this year, created a hornet’s nest to declare that if he were reincarnated woman “It should have been more AttractiveThe previous year, he commented on the problem of emigration fromAfrica, declared that it was better to “save Europe for the Europeans.” The last coupon dates back to the end of february, when during a to celebrateThe Buddhist leader kissed a young boy on the lips and asked him to “sucking his tongueThe video showing the scene, which was posted on the Internet a few days ago, was described by many as “indecent”, “scandalous” and “disgusting”. Someone went further. Republic He gave an interview Tenzin Belgor, a monk who has been denouncing sexual abuse within the Buddhist community for years. But is this really the case? apologies to boy And for him familyas well as many friends around the world, the staff Religious leader Justify what happened by stating how Tenzin jutsu He likes to make fun of him the people who meet on the way innocent And cheerfulHowever, the amazing look of child Some doubts arouse him.

If the question is whether the video proves that The Dalai Lama He is a pedophile, so I think the answer might be yes for some,” he says Robert BarnettFounder Modern Tibetan Studies Program at Columbia University New York. heard from Administrator calls ‘one’ total speculation“In the absence of other evidence. The risk – according to the professor – is to create” a Climate aversion to hyperbolic media“. second Barnett It is not easy to explain a gesture Tenzin jutsu Because Tibetans have different customs in different regions, even it varies from family to family. However, as highlighted on the net by some Tibetans And worldsin some regions region Self-confident Chinese Kissing babies on the lips is considered a normal expression of affection by elders, as the Tibetan phrase goes, “suck my tongue“. Barnett He admits that it is difficult to find a definitive explanation, precisely because of the different perception of it Each family unit has this behaviour. But the reaction of the Tibetan community on the web was generally positive to understand; A sign of how the gesture – with a few exceptions – must not seem so foreign to those immersed in this specific cultural context.

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trusted Tibetan world You also think it is necessary to analyze the historical dimension of the problem. Because if on the one hand The indignation of Western public opinion In some cases he is honest, in others he is the product of a long history of “complaints”. extremists And Imaginativeagainst the The Dalai Lama. A story involving early Catholic missionaries in imperial china. Not all: Jesuit Ippolito Desideri who lived in it Lhasa In the early eighteenth century, he was fluent in a language TibetanHe respected the Buddhist religion and its institutions. But the fundamentalist Protestant missionaries They are known to have attempted aggressive proselytizing campaigns in the 1990s. In their accusatory publications they specified Buddhism form of bondage spiritual And Satanic.” As you remember Barnett in “Rescuing Tibet from Satan’s Grip: Missionary Activity in Present-day Tibetbefore the invasion Tibet In 1903, the media and the British imperialists went viral hate speech against the figure The Dalai Lama. The practice of making false complaints ad hominem against the head Tibetan Lamaism Then eat it Chinese authorities In 1959 once conquered Manu military district. Or more precisely in 1962 when, three years after wrong directionsthe Chinese government admitted that escape Tenzin jutsu in India It was voluntary, not a to kidnap. As with other forms of prejudice rootedsometimes it is difficult to distinguish a file Fears sincere (but maybe not aware) of some foreigners of the well-founded and conspiratorial accusations against Tibetan Buddhism or the Dalai Lama,” he explains Barnett.

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do not count Political factorSince 2012: – by choice – Tenzin jutsu It plays an exclusively religious role. But his personality is still attached to a movement resistance Against the ethnic assimilation carried out by the Chinese government in Tibet. And thus it is included in that polarizing narrative that has been witnessing for years China It is said perfectly negative or paroxysmal positive. In order not to jeopardize business with the world’s second largest economy, fewer and fewer countries are openly welcoming the The Dalai Lamawhich Beijing He still considers himself a separatist.

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