“Hero of Life” – Il Tempo

“Hero of Life” – Il Tempo

In the last few hours, the figure of Dario Fabbri, director of Domino magazine, who has always appeared since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine in the special editions of the news directed by Enrico Mentana, has excited the viewers of La 7. The reason? The analyst, who became famous on TV due to the geopolitical analyzes provided on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, got married just today. However, the news of the government coup planned by Wagner’s patron Yevgeny Prigozhin did not fail to be commented on by the expert. Fabri appeared live on RaiNews 24 before the wedding, but the occasion was too tempting not to appear again on TV even after the fateful yes.

A coup in Russia, Fabri stuns Mentana and appears on television before the wedding

Thus, the analyst intervened, specifically during the special presentation of La7 news, to provide clarifications regarding the escalation that troubles Russia. “I thank you very much because I know that today you had a rather important appointment, which had been planned for some time. You managed to save us time”: Fredano Venucci welcomed him, joking. Fabry replied, smiling, with a few direct words: “Today is very important.” The journalist replied, using a weapon of sarcasm: “It is very important. Yes, let’s put it that way.”

Mentana's sensational post on the coup: Russia?  Just a hoax

The Domino manager’s chance could not be overlooked: even the wedding festivities did not prevent him from voicing his opinion on the threats of the head of the mercenary Wagner militia and the reaction of Tsar Putin. According to Fabry, the crisis in Russia is “really strange”. “Prigozhin has always claimed that he wants to lead instead of the General Staff of the regular forces. And then he suddenly decides to march towards the Russian land. What does the army do? And the population? These are crucial components, because any coup needs a “popular push,” the analyst recalled.

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Russia, understood in the extreme.  Prigozhin stops the troops: let's avoid a bloodbath

And about the new turn, about the withdrawal after advancing towards Moscow, he said: “This indicates that there is no real civil war. If Kiev penetrates the Donbass region, we can say with certainty that it is a civil war. Perhaps it was a dramatic attempt to gain leadership, or even to replace Putin “. Users on Twitter responded to Fabry’s appearance on TV even on his wedding day, writing: “Fabry is a hero who lives” or “Fabry is there even after the wedding.”

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