The alleged American mole of the leak, a 21-year-old pilot, was arrested – North America

The alleged American mole of the leak, a 21-year-old pilot, was arrested – North America

He said from Dublin Joe Biden Commenting on the Pentagon leaks. a few hours later The New York Times burned everyone on time and revealed the identity of the alleged perpetrator. That is, the leader of the small group of video game enthusiasts platform Discord, where top secret documents were published, which were then published around the world. This is Jacques Teixeira, a 21-year-old pilot from the 102nd Intelligence Wing of the Massachusetts National Guard., who was promoted to pilot first class last July. The New York Times identified him through his profile on the platform and other digital details, such as the inside of his childhood home — posted to social media in family photos — which coincide with those in the margins of photos of classified documents that were leaked out. Teixeira’s mother, Don, confirmed her son’s enrollment in this department and said that he had recently worked nights at the Cape Cod base, and had changed his phone number in recent days. The FBI immediately searched his house and in the evening he was arrestedCNN broadcast the images in near real time, With the boy in shorts and a green army shirt being forced to surrender outside his home in Massachusetts He steps back with his hands on the back of his neck, while some agents armed with their teeth point their weapons at him, protected by an armored car. The Pentagon called the release of classified papers a “deliberate criminal act,” while Biden said it was “concerned.”

However, it is not immediately clear whether a young pilot in his position would have access to such top secret documents, but the New York Times explains that government officials with security clearances often receive them via daily emails which are then sent automatically. to other people. Then his true intentions should be clarified, why From the first reconstructions, he looks like a mole for fun, someone who started publishing top-secret papers to show off being an insider and indoctrinating a group of 20-30 younger than him into world events. whom he has associated with online since the pandemic. Then one of them, a teen, posted it to other Discord servers (like that of YouTuber “wow_mao”), uploading it to Telegram, 4chan, and Twitter. Before The New York Times revealed the spy’s identity, The Washington Post interviewed some of the group’s members and plotted the identity of their leader, who called himself “Og”: a man in his twenties, with access to a military base. And with a passion for weapons.

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A shared passion with other members, including foreigners, including Russians and Ukrainians, on a platform that is increasingly becoming a meeting place for spies. WP also watches video of ‘Og’ at the shooting range, wearing safety glasses, earmuffs and a large rifle: he shouts a series of racist and anti-Semitic insults at the camera, then fires several shots at a target. One member said, “He’s fit. He’s strong. Armed. Trained. Pretty much everything you can expect from some kind of crazy movie.” The group whose servant controlled it was called “Thug Shaker Central”, with a racist allusion, even if its members denied the ramifications and defended their leader. Someone says: “I certainly wouldn’t call him a mole.” Another asserted that Og was not hostile to the US government and was not working for any country.

He swears he’s “not a Russian agent, not a Ukrainian agent,” also dismissing comparisons to Edward Snowden. This is attested by the name of the room on the server where he posted the documents, “Bear vs. Pig”, Derogatory references from his point of view to both Russia and Ukraine and an assertion that he took no side in the dispute. But Og adopted a dim view of the government, speaking of the United States, especially the law enforcement and intelligence community, as an evil force that seeks to subjugate citizens and subject them to darkness. The man allegedly told his online buddies that the government was hiding horrific facts from the public and that he knew in advance of a planned massacre at a Buffalo supermarket in 2022 by a white supremacist. The murders happen so they can ask for increased funding, a conspiracy flavor theory. Some digital clues to his infidelity are on the photos posted, including the bed in the house, a bottle of gorilla glue, a hunting magazine and nail clippers. along with the date of printing.

The chat by invitation on the Discord platform, which the top-secret American cards revealed – the source told The Washington Post – formed during the pandemic and brought together about two dozen people, mostly teenagers, looking for a halfway company. They are united by their mutual love of guns, military equipment in general, and faith in God. Most of the talk was about video games and similar topics, and no one paid much attention. Last year, “someone calling himself Og” posted a message in military language full of strange acronyms. “The words were unfamiliar to most people, and few People read that long post.” But the group — Wp writes — “venerated Og, the eldest chief of their small tribe, who claimed to know the secrets the government kept from ordinary people.” Instead, the underage mysterious witness says he carefully read Og’s letter and “ Hundreds of others followed regularly for months” and that they “looked like near-verbatim copies of classified intelligence documents that Ogg indicated he had brought home after working on a “military base,” the chat member declined to identify. Ogg said he spent at least part of his day inside a tightly secured facility, where cell phones and other electronic devices could be used to steal top-secret information, but he would be able to explain some hand-typed documents, translating obscure jargon to his interlocutors, explaining, for example, that ” noforn” means that status information should not be shared with foreign nationals.

The story of the first Discord chat source was corroborated by a second source, who described the alleged mole as a young man apparently in his twenties. Both members said they knew Og’s real name and the state in which he lives and works, but they refused to share this information with The Washington Post, which interviewed them, while the FBI is investigating, and the Pentagon has set up its own. Official.

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