«Leave also, don’t stay home» – Corriere.it

«Leave also, don’t stay home» – Corriere.it

When you learn that to Live on cruise for three years Less than $100,000 would have sufficed her, she didn’t think twice: she decided to sell the vast majority of her assets — 95%, to be exact — to enjoy the long trip around the world. It’s the story of the Californian Sharon Lynna 75-year-old retired language teacher, will set sail from Istanbul on November 1 on the ship Im in GeminiIt is a large passenger ship operated by the Turkish company Miray Cruises since 2021. In the next 36 months, he will thus be able to touch, one by one, All major sea destinations on the planet: a daydream for cool travel lovers like her.

between relaxation and writing

“My favorite days are actually days when you’re sailing or crossing oceans, and that turns me on,” she says. preceded women on saturday in CNNHowever, he reveals that he is waiting to stop in particular trepidation Scotland and in IrelandWhere he assumed his ancestors came from. I’m not at all afraid to leave the daily grind behind, He plans to bring some family photos. She is not interested in luxury: despite her very long stay at MV Gemini, for About $30,000 annually I booked one of the cheapest cabins on the ship. Not bad that it does not have a slot. In fact, he intends to spend his days at Relax somewhere elseThey listen to the sound of the sea and talk to it blog online. “My goal is to write something every day,” she said. Rather, what he a priori excludes is a meeting with a new soul mateIt won’t happen and I don’t care. It’s completely out of my thoughts. I just want to make friends.”

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“Don’t stay home, go somewhere”

Given Ms. Lin’s greener age (on top of her suffering from some lung problems), it is inevitable that in such a life project we would see at least a brave choice: «It’s a leap of faith – directly admitted the person concerned, back in CNN – But I know there will be a place here in the States when I return. Or maybe I will live in another country. I don’t know, Define the sky». On the one hand, regret for the many missed opportunities is still strong in her: “I was always waiting for the perfect moment to leave, when everything would be fine: money, dates, other people,” she recalls. But that moment, in the end, never came. Hence her desire to sail as long as possible, as well as a heartfelt appeal to those who think like her: «Don’t stay home – He said -. Home can be where the heart is, but also where the hat hangs. Well, hang up your hat and get on a boat, plane, or car: Go somewhere».

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