The consortium supports 12 other logistics startups in its incubator

The consortium supports 12 other logistics startups in its incubator

Yesterday, the Confederation of the Zone Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) officially announced the integration of 12 new startups into its logistics project incubator, Logistics Incubator 4.0. It is a space promoted with the Incyde Foundation and co-financed through the Feder Fund, and aims to help companies get started with technology solutions related to this field. In the year following its launch, this initiative brought together about thirty helping companies, with the number now reaching 42 companies, with the addition of this new batch.

There are 30 active startups in the incubator, including dozens that were welcomed yesterday. They are projects to improve parcel tracking and synchronization of different actors (Actiontracker, Nubfreight, Sincropool or Wecaria Technologies), solutions to make better use of specific routes (Flexyfreight, HermIA or Janvi Logistics), and platforms to manage urgent needs in an agile way (Envío x Envío or Kovix). , tools for automating tasks (Kepler AI Logistics), a roadside assistance company (Southeast Analytics), and a company developing an autonomous delivery vehicle (Vaive Logistics).

“One year later, the balance sheet is very positive and reaffirms our commitment to having a platform that provides value-added services to the business, science and technology community,” said the consortium’s special country delegate, Perry Navarro.

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