A pro-Palestinian camp is at UB until at least Wednesday and with permission from the university president

The pro-Palestinian university camps that are spreading in countries such as the United States and France are reaching Catalonia.

About 300 people gathered at the University of Barcelona convent on Monday afternoon after a demonstration from the Raval University’s campus One hundred of them decided to stay and sleep in about fifty tents.

Pablo Castilla, a member of the Student Committee for Solidarity with the Palestinian People, explained that they are demanding government university centers Which cuts academic ties with universities and research institutions in Israel.

They assure that they will maintain Protest at least until Wednesdaywhen it is planned The extraordinary monastery from UB, where the student committee will submit a motion to ask the center’s administration to “stand in favor of a ceasefire and severing ties with Israel and the companies that support it.”

It is expected to be this Tuesday Lessons continue as usual. As the stationed students have no intention of interrupting them and are ensuring that the protest continues security.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators are confident that the situation the United States witnessed here in Catalonia will not be repeated, where massive protests have left more than 2,000 arrests, violent and controversial police interventions, clashes, building vandalism, and violence. Suspension and expulsion of students, among others.

The protest organizers also denounced the “complicity” of the Spanish government and executive authority with “the situation in Palestine.” In the Spanish case, because they “continue to buy and sell weapons and maintain economic and political relations with the State of Israel.” The General Government was criticized for not severing “economic, political and diplomatic” ties with Tel Aviv.

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UB allows camping

The University of Barcelona allowed the camp to oppose the war on Gaza. In a written response, the university president said: John GardHe pointed out that his intention is to “keep pace with this type of initiative, while ensuring pluralism, coexistence and respect for the normal activity of the centers.”

“I am deeply affected by the disproportionate military response in recent months, as well as by the punishment inflicted on civil society through actions such as blocking humanitarian aid, and by the impossibility of reaching an immediate ceasefire to date in Syria.” Region.”

Students have set up about two dozen tents in the historic University of Bridgeport building and at least fifty will stay there indefinitely. (Europa Press/Kike Rincón)

There are also protests in ValenciaStudents who have been organizing a pro-Palestinian camp for a week at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Valencia complain that they have not yet received answers from the university administration.

The camp was installed in the hallway of UB’s historic building on the same day that Hamas accepted a truce in Gaza and Israel ordered the evacuation of about 100,000 residents of Rafah, before entering this city south of Rafah. Strips.

The student camp is located in the hallway of the historic building of the University of Barcelona, ​​which allowed the protest (Europa Press/Kiki Rincón)

Law of the Israeli community in Barcelona

Also on Monday afternoon, the Israeli community in Barcelona did the traditional thing Lighting candles in memory of the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. But this year they dedicated part of the tribute to the victims of the attack carried out by Hamas against Israel on October 7 last year, which marked the beginning of the war in Gaza.

The Israeli community has condemned the resurgence of anti-Semitic movements in Europe since then, and called for recognition of the suffering of all parties.

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