Spending per tourist per day in BCN exceeds €90 for the first time

Spending per tourist per day in BCN exceeds €90 for the first time

It was known that 2023 was the year of complete restoration of normalcy in tourism activity in Barcelona, ​​with the number of visitors (12.2 million travelers staying in tourist businesses and 3.6 others in nearby homes) still lower than before the pandemic but high tourist spending. However, until now it is not clear where and how visitors left their coins. A new detailed report on activity published by the Barcelona Tourism Observatory reveals that for the first time since its recording, spending per person per day exceeded 90 euros, while it also rose in the transportation and accommodation sections.

The sector is comfortable in terms of the balance sheet, as the volume of tourists has not grown, but they have turned out to be more profitable for the city. This idea fits into the goals of attracting high-quality visitors promoted by both Turisme de Barcelona and the City Council. In 2023, public spending will grow by 15%, as previously announced by the Council. But specifically, daily spending per traveler rose by 8.7% compared to the previous year to €91.7. Even higher than 2019 (the year of records, reaching €82.3).

The details of the figures also show the importance of professional tourism (exhibitions, conferences, meetings…), as those arriving in the city for this reason left an average of 109.9 euros per day, compared to 87.9 holiday visitors, or 85.2 of those who came for personal and other reasons. In the same way, expenses amounted to 95.6 euros in the case of international tourists, compared to 72.2 euros for those coming from the rest of Spain.

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Eating and drinking is the priority

What do they spend their money on? First, eating and drinking (46.5% of the total, although it can be noted that this figure rises to 62.1% in the case of tourists from the Barcelona region, excluding the Catalan capital), followed by leisure, entertainment and culture, at 19.5% of their daily budget, in addition to Purchase of clothes, shoes, souvenirs and personal effects (16.4%) and internal transportation (13.6%). The other section also grows (4% in expenses such as purchases of another kind, medical treatments, etc.).

Turisme de Barcelona highlights the general increase in all matches. Also continue to stay, in accordance with the increase in prices already highlighted by hoteliers. This sector brought in more, although they say their profits were not higher, due to high inflation and the debt they have accumulated since Covid-19. In any case, visitors took advantage of this situation, paying an average of 84.2 euros per night, compared to 68.5 the previous year. It should be noted that the professional spent almost twice as much (more than 150 euros) than the recreational person.

Travel (transport) also rose by an average of 382 euros, and was only surpassed in 2017. Again, this balance reaches 500 euros in the case of visitors for professional reasons, compared to 374.4 in the case of vacationers.

In contrast, those who arrived with a full tourism package paid an average of 1,249.5 euros, with a significant increase from 2022 prices (982 euros).

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