Dates of upcoming meetings

Dates of upcoming meetings

the 2023-2024 Fed meeting calendar Available here to know in detail all the dates of the FOMC meetings that will be held in this last month of the year and during the following month.

The entire financial world usually follows the US central bank, but it has established itself as an absolute champion on a global scale in recent months, with markets and experts increasingly interested in decisions about the cost of money. In fact, the lights were already on The next Fed meeting is on December 13, 2023, This will represent a challenging year in terms of combating inflation.

The highly restrictive monetary policy launched in mid-2022 continued throughout most of 2023, when there 4 increases in interest rates, each 25 basis points. currently, The rate is fixed at 5.5%.After the last meetings in September and October, they decided to keep the financing cost unchanged. However, its level represents a record for more than 20 years.

there Fed meeting on December 13 It will be closely watched not only to understand whether the US central bank is indeed preparing to ease monetary policy, but also to update monetary policy Economic forecasts. The meeting will provide a preview of what will happen in 2024, when market speculation predicts significant reductions in the cost of money.

With these introductions, knowledge 2023-2024 Fed meeting calendar It is really crucial for investors, analysts and politicians globally.

2024 Fed meeting calendar: All dates

And in 2024, as usual, 8 meetings The Federal Open Market Committee meeting, chaired by Jerome Powell, is developing over two days. In 4 of the total meetings, the economic forecasts for the United States of America will be updated.

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Under the Meeting dates scheduled for 2024All of which are followed by a press conference:

  • January 30-31
  • March 19-20*
  • April 30 – May 1
  • 11-12 June*
  • July 30-31
  • 17-18 September*
  • November 6-7
  • 17-18 December*

*Dates marked with an asterisk indicate meetings associated with the Macroeconomic Outlook Summary (dot plots).

Fed calendar: 2023 meetings

there US central bank Typically 8 meetings are scheduled per year (over 2 days), with additional meetings scheduled if necessary.

Under the Meeting dates Created for 2023Followed by the press conference:

*Dates marked with an asterisk indicate meetings associated with the Macroeconomic Outlook Summary (dot plots).

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