The company is hitting hard with its sub-€60 product

The company is hitting hard with its sub-€60 product

Lidl continues to amaze its customers by offering innovative kitchen tools and appliances. And very affordable! The brand recently launched the Lidl food processor. The news is greeted with great enthusiasm: cooking enthusiasts can’t wait to try this revolutionary new gadget!

Lidl continues to surprise: the new Kitchen Robot arrives at less than 60 euros

Lidl has always known how to make its customers happy and how to attract new ones. In fact, the German company has found its place in the French market and its fame continues to grow. It offers a wide range of products, from food to hygiene products, and even kitchen utensils. On October 14, Lidl introduced a new kitchen appliance that seems to be very popular with consumers: a kitchen robot that Lidl sells for less than 60 euros. Let’s find out the details together.

Details about the innovative kitchen robot launched by Lidl: A combination of functionality and design

In a few days, we will be able to find an innovative Lidl food processor in the departments of this German discount store. To be precise, it should be noted that this serial device is heavily inspired by the Thermomix, which led to Lidl being put on trial for counterfeiting. However, justice seems to have ruled in favor of the opponent. Hence, in order to do better, Lidl decided to introduce something new.

Coming from the Pastel range, the authenticity of the Lidl food processor seems unparalleled. Lidl’s multi-functional robot, Silvercrest, only costs 59.99 euros! Almost unbeatable price in the market.

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  • It has a three-year warranty.
  • It is sold with a whisk, flat beater and dough hook.
  • Robot speed is continuously adjustable with additional turbo function.
  • The food processor is available in different colors. Whether you prefer pink, blue, white, or taupe, you’ll be satisfied!

power 600 watts A container that can hold up to 5 litresMake this robot more creative.

New range arrives: Lidl’s Italian cuisine is now within everyone’s reach

You should know that Lidl loves to offer collections. So, instead of having just one appliance, they offer several appliances in pastel colors, such as a microwave oven, blender, toaster, and kettle. This Lidl food processor will always be a companion in your home.

We also find knives, salt and pepper grinders and various cake molds. As a result, you can get a Lidl kitchen without spending a fortune. You are sure to find everything you need at this German discount store. It is therefore worth noting that these products will be available in all Lidl stores starting next Monday, October 24th.

In short, Lidl’s new kitchen robot, it only costs 59.99 euros Providing a wide range of features, it represents a unique opportunity for consumers to obtain a high-quality product at an affordable price. It will be available in all Lidl stores from October 24.

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