Home bonus, commitment starts in a few days: what will happen

Home bonus, commitment starts in a few days: what will happen

An important change relates to the house bonus as a whole, and therefore all the benefits that are part of it.

This is an important introduction It will lead to new obligationsFor this reason, both those who have used them and those who will use them must respond to these needs imposed by a special law.

House bonus, new obligation is activated (cityrumors.it)

Citizens who They benefited from the contributions In fact, they will have to compulsorily connect the credits and build rewards on the appropriate platform, in order to have a clear and complete picture of everything.

Home allowance, a new obligation: all citizens must do this

According to Article 25 of the Code Under Legislative Decree 104 of 2023, it will be mandatory for everyone to transfer credits, even those that are not usable. This commitment allows you to transfer any necessary information with the Platform. Contributions must follow two different procedures. On one side Those that can be tracked Which is therefore provided with an identification code e Those that cannot be traced Who are instead free. If the taxpayer must enter those of the first type, he will find the electronic protocol within the report related to construction allowances. Which is linked to a specific function where you have to enter the type of credit: is it a discount on the invoice or a discount, and also what are the credit installments.

What will change for the house bonus (cityrumors.it)

It is different for those that cannot be traced, and therefore for those that are not used. In this case indeed The taxpayer will have to enter the installment details and details Which is nonetheless necessary. The communication will only be accepted if the approval has not already been issued for the relevant batch. Therefore, the citizen must also indicate the date of the last concession he became aware of.

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Everyone must notify the revenue agency even when credits cannot be used. This is essential and mandatory within 30 days from the date of reporting that the same balance cannot be used. Otherwise you are liable to a fine of 100 euros. This applies to all House Bonuses: Environmental Bonuses, Earthquake Bonuses, Interface Bonuses, Electric Charging and Barriers.

The platform is very intuitive and easy to use, but it is important to respect the expected dates and deadlines as mentioned. So both in the case of active and passive communication. The credit transfer platform will provide specific information to the citizen Where you must enter all the details of a specific contact. So it will be very easy and fast too, for any type of insert required, both for those that can be used and those that cannot.

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