A new bonus for Italians, ISEE is enough: how to order it

A new bonus for Italians, ISEE is enough: how to order it

Here comes a new bonus, which can be requested with ISEE: We are referring to the bonus of awnings and shutters, which can also be used in 2023. Here are the requirements that must be met.

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Also for 2023 it is possible to take advantage of Additional blinds and blindswhich consists of 50% discount% To install outdoor structures that protect from the sun’s rays and allow you to cool your home naturally, contributing to savings on air conditioning costs. Below we explain how this feature works and the requirements that must be met in order to obtain it.

New bonus for Italians: ISEE is just enough

Despite the delay associated with the arrival of spring, from a meteorological point of view it is important not to fall into a state of alarm in front of the impending. summer heat. For this, it is important to know that you can take advantage of a 50% incentive for installation Curtains or curtains on your roof windows.

the Extra umbrellas – in fact – it has been extended for the whole of 2023 (with a deadline set for December 31, 2024).

New bonus with ISEE – Oopamagazine.it

If you decide to protect you on him From excessive heat in hot seasons, by installing new solar screens, you will also be able to save on electricity costs for air conditioning or for cooling rooms in the future.

Below, we explain how this bonus works and how to claim it, if you meet certain requirements.

Parachute bounty 2023: How it works

there sunblock creamlisted under Businesses that can be incentivized with 50% Ecobonus, include Awnings and shuttersbecause it is able to significantly improve the energy performance of buildings.

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There are gods spending ceilings that must be respected in order to access the facility.

The maximum allowable cost of protection is 230 euros per square metre, except for services. In the event that the amount exceeds this limit, the discount is applied in any case to the maximum amount 115 euros per square metre. Moreover, it cannot exceed the total amount of deductible expenses 60 thousand euros for the entire intervention.

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Interest consists of one The IRPEF deduction equals 50% of the expensesTo be paid in 10 equal annual installments.

Ecobonus sunscreen is available to almost everyone, ever since No specific ISEE requirements are required. The conditions for obtaining support are set by ENEA, not by the government.

In order to get the discount, it is necessary Submit your application via the ENEA website Within 90 days from the date of completion of works or testing.

To be eligible for the Blinds Bonus, your sunscreen must meet the following requirements:

  • must submit to Glass surface protection
  • Maybe Placed inside or outside the window or integrated into the building;

Also, it should be Movingie it should be open minded And lockable To allow adequate control of sunlight.

Blinds properties

It is important to note that as of 2006 all outdoor blinds are subject to mandatory CE mark. This requirement is basic and necessary to access the discount provided by Ecobonus.

We also remind you that the incentive only applies to a purchase Outdoor awnings with new sun shading function.

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If purchased as a replacement for existing blinds Existing, It would not be possible to access the tax exemption, unless they were purchased at the same time as the windows being replaced, in which case they could qualify for incentives such as supplementary works.

between Models Among the most popular sunscreens on the market, which can be stimulated through Ecobonus, we find:

  • roller shutters
  • swing shutters
  • Venetian blinds or roller blinds;
  • roller blinds;
  • mosquito nets insect-proof blinds, equipped with sunshades;
  • outdoor umbrellas with folding or swivel arms;
  • Vertical blinds.

However, it should be noted that expenses related to the replacement or installation of individual components are not eligible for contribution, such as accessories or electric motors. Moreover, they are not included in the tax exemption repair costs.

How to submit your application

In order to claim the Awnings & Shutters Bonus, the following must be submitted documents:

  • card with Detailed description of the intervention to be performed, indicating the code assigned by the ENEA website and the signature of the beneficiary. Furthermore, it is necessary to attach the confirmation email sent by Enea containing the identification code of the intervention;
  • A statement issued by a qualified technicianwhich certifies business compliance with applicable regulations;
  • the Technical data sheets for the components used for the interventionaccompanied by the CE marking that guarantees energy efficiency;
Documentation – oipamagazine.it
  • Certificate of Performance for Total Solar Transmissionwhich must be provided by the manufacturer of blinds or roller blinds;
  • there Condominium assembly decisionin the event that an intervention is made in a condominium;
  • Declaration of consent of the owner of the property or the owner of the real right to use;
  • related bills expenses incurred for the business, Which must be issued in the name of the beneficiary of the Ecobonus. If paid through wire transferReceipts must be attached.
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All documents must be submitted on the ENEA website, as we expected, within 90 days from the date of completion of the work or test.

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