Birds of a feather, birds of paper

Birds of a feather, birds of paper

03/27/2024 20:00


Update: 03/27/2024 21:57

Listen, pay attention, it won't be long before you hear a chirp, there are birds everywhere. Goldfinches, sparrows, robins, swallows, parrots, macaws, pigeons… birds for all tastes and colors. But what if spring comes and you don't hear the nightingale's song? You're going to go out and find him and go on a long adventure, right? There would be no life without birdsong, we agree! But sometimes birds aren't quite birds, or aren't quite birds yet…or are no longer birds. We'll meet December, the girl who will one day fly but for now only climbs trees and… jumps. We will also introduce you to Sadako, a young Japanese woman who is now a national heroine; She didn't jump, she ran, and she was in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb was dropped… Have you ever made a paper crane? Have you ever drawn a bird? Jacques PrĂ©vert will sing us instructions for doing so, in case we want to continue the birds everywhere, the birds that sing, that jump, that run, that fill the pages of life with feathers or paper.

Behind the trail of the nightingale

Author: Sarah Ann Jukes

Illustration: Sharon King Chai

Translated by: David Nello

Publisher: Bamboo

From 12 years

Birds everywhere

Author: Camilla de la Bedouiere

Illustration: Britta Tickentrup

Translated by: David Genart

Publisher: Indana

From 4 years


Author: Christina Koppels

Illustration: Joana Casals

Editorial: Zahouri Books

From 9 years

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

Author: Eleanor Corr

Illustration: Eva Sanchez

Translated by: Albert Nola

Publisher: Animallibres

From 12 years

Bar… Oscar Gulf

Pink caramel

Author: Adela Touraine

Illustration: Nila Bosnia

Editorial: Calandraka

From 4 years

Where monsters live

Author: Maurice Sendak

Editorial: Calandrada

From 4 years

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