Cheapest gas stations in Tarragona on Easter

Cheapest gas stations in Tarragona on Easter

he Catalan Traffic Service (SCT) It will be launched this Thursday at 3pm Special transit devicein collaboration with Mossos d'Esquadra, on the occasion of Output process to Easter Holiday. This process will remain in effect until Easter Monday at midnight. SCT Director Ramon Lamel stressed that he does not expect an increase in mobility, maintaining the levels of 2022 and 2023.

In this sense, at Camp de Tarragona, Fill the 55 liter tank with 95 gasoline It can vary by around €20 between the cheapest and most expensive petrol station – between €81 and €102. Regarding Gas oilThe difference when filling the deposit is about 10 euros – between 75 and 85 euros -.

Cheapest gas stations in Camp de Tarragona

the Cheap gas stations In major cities Tarragona field They are from Bonarea, both in 95 gasoline and in diesel. Thus, the price of a liter of gasoline is 95 in Bonaria A Tarragona he is from 1472 eurosone cent less than a Waltz I Rios And three cents less than a the black Mountain. But the cheapest is Seroil Energy a Villa SikaAt a price of 1448 euros per liter.

In the municipal area of ​​Tarragona, among Cheap gas stations There is also Exoil in the Riu Clar area at €1,528 per liter of 95 gasoline, and in Reus, the Gmoil (carrer Belgica) and Alas (avenue Sant Bernat Calbó) gas stations offer a price of €1,479 per litre.

For his part, he said: Gas oil At Bonarea gas stations its price is1,362 euros per litre, while in Reus, Valls, Cambrils or Montblanc it is 1 or 2 cents more expensive. In Tarragona, the price of Exoil also stands out at 1,378 euros per litre. However, the cheapest prices can be found in Gmoil Reus and Alas, in Reus and Vila-seca, a 1,359 euros.

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In the province of Tarragona. The cheapest gas stations are in Terres de l'EbreSpecifically in Amposta, where 95 gasoline can be found at a price of 1.42 euros per liter and diesel at 1.298 euros per liter.

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