The cheapest hybrid with the lowest consumption is the MG

The cheapest hybrid with the lowest consumption is the MG

There will be few people who will be very attentive to your presentation mg On to the next Geneva Salon Which will be held at the end of this February. That will be when the long-awaited low-cost brand officially becomes available MG3the new generation of its multi-use vehicles.

In this case, we are dealing with one of the models that already offers a lot to talk about, among other things because it is already known that it will be a model with which the Chinese brand wants to steal sales from Toyota same Yarisone of the best sellers of Japanese brand A Europe.

For this reason, and since it could not be otherwise, the Chinese brand has chosen to go a step further than most brands in this sector and will opt for a self-charging hybrid engine, a mechanism that fits perfectly with this type of model in this sector.

The MG3 aims to be the lowest consumption car in Spain

It can be taken into account that this type of engine ultimately offers its best performance in terms of consumption in urban and intercity environments, which is also the best playing field for utility vehicles. A good example of this is private Yaris Which has approved consumption between 3.9 and 5.4 liters per 100 km, which is a really low number.

However, in mg It has already been secured before the official presentation of the new one MG3 That this gadget will have a battery three times larger than the Toyota Yaris, with a useful capacity of about 2 kilowatt-hours, which will certainly help it achieve even lower consumption than the Japanese model.

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We should also add the fact that although prices are not yet known, it is likely to be this price MG3 The cheapest hybrid electric car in our country becomes less than direct competitors such as the Yaris or the new Renault Clio Hybrid, among others.

A model that will represent a new hit at the table of the brand that has arrived to confront the established ropeway manufacturers in Europe and with proposals that, like the MG3, undoubtedly aim to be bestsellers.

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